Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania Massive Confirmed Box Office Collection

Just add a preposition and don’t change its words. Well, guys, it’s time to talk about another Marvel movie and its Friday box office numbers. Despite what you might have seen online of empty theaters, the numbers confirmed that the theaters were anything but empty on opening night.

As the Friday box office numbers are officially in, Ant-Man and the WASP Quantumania have pulled in 44 million.

Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania Friday Box Office Collection

I’m posing a question here: if allegedly nobody is in a theater watching Ant-Man and the Wasp, and you yourself are sitting there taking a picture of it, technically, aren’t you there? And didn’t you pay for it? Anyways, though, we have 44 million dollars for Ant-Man and the WASP Quantumania on Friday. Friday, of course, includes Thursday night previews because that rolls over.

So it’s looking pretty good, and according to analysts, it’s right around on track for what they’re expecting. Essentially, we’re looking at 95 to 100 million plus anything over that during the four-day estimates we’re gonna have to look at because again, it’s the four-day thing that everybody’s looking at now.

Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania Box Office

Either way, though, we’re gonna see where this place is, probably by Sunday afternoon. In regards to the earlier numbers, then Disney will confirm it either Monday or Tuesday, depending on how long it takes. But it’s looking pretty good. Obviously, the first day is always huge.

This is one of the most hardcore of the hardcore go. This is where a lot of people show up because they don’t want to be spoiled, and there is some chance that word of mouth could honestly carry this film over the weekend to perform as well as expected or maybe not. Again, we’ve got to bring up Rotten Tomatoes.

That’s clearly a thing that everybody’s now paying attention to, or at least saying everybody pays attention to when it fits the narrative. Whatever the case is here, though, if this film does less than 95 million, it’s gonna be rather disappointing.

If it does over that, it looks like it’s exactly where most analysts think it’s gonna be, and Disney was allegedly putting this thing at around 85. So, over what they’re anticipating, which I guess that’s the goal, right? Be your own expectations.

So, I guess we’ll be talking about this once we know Saturday numbers officially, and that’ll kind of form a bigger picture here of what we’re looking at. But it’s looking like it’s another Marvel victory, at least in the box office.

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