Black Panther Wakanda Forever Everything You Need To Know Before Watching

Today we’re going to be diving into everything you need to know before watching black panther Wakanda forever the sequel to the Black Panther franchise and the first Black Panther movie in the Multiverse Saga has a lot of information to offer as we are pushing the narrative in the Multiverse Saga.

Now many of the details that we need to know come from the infinity Saga and I want to say just from the start and I’m sure I will repeat myself several times.

We are in the Multiverse Saga the entirety of the MCU where we are and where we are headed is very different than what we needed to know for the infinity Saga.

Keep that detail in mind and I’ll explain a little bit more in a second but with all that being said we have a few movies and plot details and points from the past of the MCU to go over before you might be ready to watch Wakanda forever.

So for starters and very clearly the first thing you need to know is what happens in Black Panther 1 and Avengers Civil War.

Black Panther 1 is a movie that is very rich and deep in Wakanda culture and we are introduced to many new characters in important parts of the MCU, especially for the aforementioned Infinity Saga and where the MCU was at that time.

The infinity Saga is over I mentioned we are in the Multiverse Saga so although there are a lot of important details to the history of Wakanda in the Civil War and in Black Panther 1.

The death of T’challa’s Father which in Black Panther led to the entire plot of needing to find a king and was Black Panther T’Challa ready to become Black Panther ready to become the king.

Kingdom Of Wakanda History

But seeing that we are actually in the Multiverse Saga now which I told you I would be repeating and I will more there are some things to take away from Black Panther that specifically are important to the Multiverse Saga.

And that would be that black panther T’challa opened up the borders of Wakanda to the world now specifically we didn’t get details as to what this meant it was at a very important international meeting and he said Wakanda will make itself and its resources available to the world.

The world and probably all of us as fans thought that this was a reference to the Vibranium you know the stuff that caps Shields made out of very strong and desired metal Wakanda is full of it that’s something we learned in Black Panther one.

It seems like in Wakanda Forever it’s important that you’re gonna know that that didn’t necessarily mean Vibranium was just for everybody to have Wakanda wasn’t looking to import this resource it is still a Wakanda good.

That’s a detail that in the entirety of Wakanda black panther forever you’re going to want to keep close to because a big part of the plot is disagreeing and arguing about this resource.

I’ll mention what is important to know about the back history of Wakanda from the Civil War to Black Panther 1 if you want to know what’s going on in Wakanda.

If you’re trying to keep up with what’s going on in the Multiverse Saga in Phase 4 leading into phase five the current story that’s building the fact that the borders were opened is very important.

I’m sure you all are very well aware at this point that Chadwick Boseman passed away unfortunately and tragically and Marvel decided not to recast T’challa so the reason why black panther 1 might not have as many important details that carry over for us is.

Because we will be having a huge void in that role not having black panther whose shoulders the entire franchise of Wakanda black panther was built on is definitely a huge blow now that doesn’t mean that the movie is going to be bad but there is a huge feeling of emptiness in that specific spot.

Where we had this first movie that built up this story for this character who is not going to make an appearance in the second film so a big part of this movie might be just trying to gain new footing for that character for that role and for the future of Wakanda in the MCU.

Meaning that this movie is kind of a standalone it has important details many many important details that will Connect into the future eventually new characters are introduced and some of those characters even have their own spin-off series that is coming in the future.

Beginning Of Multiverse Saga

But before you go in there’s very little you have to know about the MCU or about the Multiverse Saga before you get to the theater.

It’s important that you know who Shiri is who is introduced in Black Panther 1 Queen Ramonda the mother of T’challa who is currently the queen of Wakanda and many of the other characters who were introduced in Black Panther 1.

They’re all relatively self-explanatory and you won’t be lost if you don’t know who they are on top of that again we have more characters introduced from Namor and his entire civil realization other parties who are introduced in the movie as well.

I’ll explain introduce and really help to build the ground of phase four into phase five which is really where we’re at in the MCU throughout the entirety of phase four the same complaint has been it’s not been very interactive it’s been very slow we are in this building phase.

Marvel Phase 5 & 6 Projects

A lot of the projects that have come forth whether movies or Disney plus series have all been introducing New Concepts new ideas new characters and new storylines for the thickening of the plot in phases five and six.

All leads to what seems to be the big finale Secret Wars now Kang is going to be making an appearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp Auantumania.

As we kick off phase five and black panther Wakanda forever is the last movie of phase four with only the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special remaining to finish off this phase.

We’ve learned a lot about the entirety of the MCU in all the projects that have taken place over the last few years following the conclusion of the infinity Saga starting with the Multiverse.

Starting with new characters new ideas new theologies new villains characters from different universes having some type of background play which is going to show up to be very important later on and down the road.

Black Panther Wakanda forever

As far as black panther Wakanda forever is actually involved it’s pretty Loki there’s no Multiverse travel there’s no magic there are no different universes.

It’s all very home which is nice it’s something that Marvel needed to do they created a very strong powerful and passionate movie that creates a new beginning for culture and for a character that is well-loved and respected around the world.

I know for a fact after Black Panther the original film came out a lot of little boys had a new hero, somebody, to look up to somebody who maybe they didn’t have to look up to before so with the passing of Chadwick Boseman a massive hole was made.

Now needs to be filled and hopefully, you as a fan or a viewer will feel like that whole void has been filled come to the end of the movie.

Overall it’s important to know where is Wakanda who is Wakanda what is Wakanda what they do why are they important but you’re going to get a new and refreshing introduction to Wakanda.

What they stand for and who they are now as we move into the future of Wakanda and that’s all very well established in this movie.

let me know what you think of black panther Wakanda forever when you give it a watch very little you have to know but all of the different things that you could know before putting yourself into the film or into the movie theater to watch.

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