Chris Hemsworth Teased the Death of Thor in the Upcoming Thor Movie

Thor’s next movie may be his last movie as Chris Hemsworth prophesies his potential death.

Today we have an MCU update specifically an OG Avenger update we’re talking about Thor as Chris Hemsworth opens up and has what seems to be a very genuine interview with a few different quotes.

Where he’s talking about his future and the character’s future whether he’s coming back or what lies ahead for the world’s strongest Avenger.

So we’re going to be chatting about this and of course throwing in a few of our own theories in there as to what really could be laying ahead for Thor and Chris Hemsworth.

A particularly interesting interview happening with Vanity Fair as Chris Hemsworth talks about his future specifically I want to talk about what he opened up with saying that he would be willing to come back but he also foresees a potential death for Thor’s love and thunder.

I also want to preface says several times throughout the interviews and several other interviews he has openly stated several times he loves playing Thor and that he will come back as often as Marvel wants him to as of right now.

When Vanity Fair asks him about the conclusion for Thor this is what he States “for sure I feel like we’d probably have to close the book If I ever did it again you know what I mean I feel like it probably warrants that I feel like it’d probably be the finale”.

But that’s not based on anything anyone’s told me or any sort of plans you have this birth of a hero the Journey of a hero and then the death of a hero and I don’t know am I at that stage who knows.

I don’t need to read you guys the entire interview we will go over a couple more quotes here because he says a lot of interesting stuff but there are some points from this first segment that.

We really want to Circle back to starting with the fact that he says this isn’t any type of Marvel Studios Intel I’m not sharing any scripts or chats that we’ve had this is just what I feel the character begins and the character ends.

he also says specifically here that if I were to come back this would be the finale now the assumption is that Chris Hemsworth has no more contracts and no more obligation to return.

The Assumption also is that he will be returning it was left pretty open-ended for Thor’s story whereas characters like Captain America Iron Man Black Widow had a very short endings they either had their happy ending and got to live out their life they sacrificed themselves to win an Avengers end game but it had a conclusion.

So for Thor 11 Thunder to just end with him running around with love it seems like there’s some untold story there also of course there is the Fan’s massive cry for Rune King Thor or something at least similar to it in the MCU.

A powerful bloodthirsty vengeful Thor and as of recently although we have seen moments where we do see Thor’s true power, for the most part, he’s been we could call him a bit of a goofball.

I’ve enjoyed it but I would be pretty sad if we didn’t get that vengeful angry Thor at some point before Chris Hemsworth hangs up the Hammers.

The last thing I for sure want to mention from this first segment is that he talks about is he at that stage who knows as I mentioned previously he said several times he’ll come back and play the character as long as they’ll have him.

Maybe he’s getting to a point where he is getting a little tired of the character or a little tired of playing this big buff jacked up dude.

He even talks about in other interviews how draining it was to get ready physically for Thor this time around how before he’s been able to scale up scale down change the way his body looks and acts in four different movies but it was very hard for Thor love and thunder.

So maybe there’s a little bit of realization there that he is aging and maybe his time to play a superhero is coming to the end and that could be what he’s hinting at here.

Then the last thing I do want to take from this segment is that Chris Hemsworth says that Marvel Studios had nothing to do with this conversation.

Listened to their legacy actors Robert Downing Jr Chris Evans and all others Mark Ruffalo have opportunities to pitch their ideas and what they think should happen to the character who they have embodied and basically become.

So although this might not be coming directly from Marvel Studios this is some real insight into what ideas are swirling around for Thor because Chris Hemsworth’s opinion is certainly going to be appreciated when they get to the drawing board for the future of Thor.

Now he does say specifically that he does anticipate there’ll be more he was asked if there is more Thor in his future and Chris Hemsworth admitted stating I don’t know I think there’d be more to say if people want to hear me say it which let’s be honest.

We do people love Chris Hemsworth as Thor he just embodied the character he’s become this character and you really don’t want to see a Thor without Chris Hemsworth.

Even if it is a newer age in Marvel we get to phase five six seven it’s gonna be sad to see that transition which will eventually happen as it’s going to happen with Captain America.

Or has happened with Captain America will happen with Robert Downing Jr’s Iron Man these transitions are inevitable people have played these characters for 10 15 years eventually you do need a break even though they’re fond memories for the actor for the fans the characters grew and become a huge part of who this actor is but eventually there will be an end.

Whether that’s the next movie or 10 movies from now there will be an end and Chris Hemsworth seems to think that Thor needs to die in order for him to have that final to have that ending.

Marvel Studios’ plans, on the other hand, remain unseen and unknown as we would expect but we do have Secret Wars that is going to have a ton of characters different versions of Thor’s maybe different versions of Jane or Mighty Thor who might be introduced to the MCU main timeline Thor.

Lots of fun possibilities that the Multiverse really does open up and we’d hate to see a huge team collaboration without getting Thor in there.

Now we know Kevin Feige has massive plans for Secret Wars that go without saying but recently we’ve had an Insider scoop saying that.

Kevin Feige is talking to everybody every single actor in The Ring of Marvel not just Marvel Studios but from the fox days from the Fantastic Four before Marvel Studios was in charge and the MCU was created.

He’s contacting everybody to try to make secret Wars bigger than infinity war and in the end game, he wants to have a quote-unquote portal like the scene where we’re going to have all the characters come together.

My strong opinion is that Chris Hemsworth soar is probably meant to be there now Chris Hemsworth is a free agent not currently under any type of contract and is not required to return but since the fans are going to want it we’re all gonna want it.

There’s more Thor story to tell maybe we will get to see Thor sacrifice himself since Chris Hemsworth thinks he needs to die in order to close the story in the finale of the Multiverse Saga much like how we saw Iron Man and Black Widow sacrifice themselves in order to bring peace and balance back to the universe.

It’s kind of uh Chosen One scenario where you have this Legacy character who’s been around since the early days of the MCU and you know eventually it’s going to come to an end and you’re trying to guess and figure out when.

But according to Chris Hemsworth who in every way or sense of the character Thor thinks that Thor will end up dying now let me know what you think in the comment section down below.

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