DC Studios QUITS Wonder Woman 3

Well guys we got some big breaking Wonder Woman 3 News coming at us from The Hollywood Reporter and now other big Hollywood trades and Outlets are confirming the news DC Studios and WB have officially dropped the ax on Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 3 is canceled.

So talk about a bombshell announcement but again this was confirmed first per The Hollywood Reporter and they say that according to what they’ve heard Wonder Woman has been scrapped.

This was a decision made by WB CEO David zazlab James Gunn and Peter saffron and it was done because of various reasons that appear to be the assessment of everything happening at WB during the transitional phase of the company.

And it looks like they had absolutely no plans for Wonder Woman going forward now again Wonder Woman 3 has been in development for a while Jenkins left her Star Wars project to go work on.

So it’s interesting to see what exactly is going on and what’s going to be happening according to the outlet the last script that was handed in which was from Patty Jenkins and Jeff Johns they assessed it they looked at it what the project was looking like how it fits into the new Studios plans and it fits none of the criteria.

The ax was made immediately and the news is just now hitting because allegedly um there’s already some Buzz that people are moving on.

So wow talk about Monumental and shocking development but again you gotta think that whatever Jenkins was doing probably did not fit whatever James Gunn was going for and this honestly isn’t that surprising I would say like uh think about it for a second.

Patty Jenkins sort of had her way with the second film a lot of Studio mandate was kept out because they gave her free reins because of the success of the first film she delivered.

A film that by all accounts a lot of people hated so this makes sense absolutely astronomical that they’re dropping what is one of their I mean most beloved and known characters and that first film was so well received.

But we’ll see what happens um this is absolutely shocking if they’re doing this cutting anything is on board

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