DEADPOOL 3 Has Important Links To The MCU PLOT

Today I want to Deep dive from a Fan’s point of view from an Insider’s point of view and just from my point of view about Deadpool 3. the reason why is I think this project is going to have a lot more continuity importance in the MCU then maybe we’ve been giving it credit.

Now undeniably this is a movie that a lot of people and I do mean a lot of people are extremely excited to see come to fruition in the MCU.

But what is it exactly we’re excited for other than a few dirty jokes from Deadpool and an awesome Hugh Jackman Wolverine versus Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Showdown and then maybe team up later on in the film?

So before we dive into the hypotheticals I want you guys to go to the comment section because I’m curious about what is it that you are so excited about Deadpool for.

I know you’re excited Deadpool’s my favorite comic book character of all time, believe me, I’m excited too but what specifically has you excited for the Merc with a mouth entering the MCU?

Let me know so what’s the purpose of this video well it’s mostly a bunch of fans getting together and theorizing about why Deadpool is in this very interesting situation.

The spark of this idea for me came from a new rumor today that says Fantastic Four member Mr. Fantastic may actually have an appearance and an involvement in the Deadpool 3 movie.

Not only have we heard that but recently it was the room again that Owen Wilson will have an important role and that rumor came from Daniel RPK on his Patreon.

Which makes it a much more believable rumor because let’s be honest Daniel RPK if you’re familiar with its work has been very accurate in a good amount of his dealings.

Owen Wilson showing up now we’re hearing Mr. Fantastic Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds who’s taking on a huge part of writing the script.

So we’re starting to see the continuation or the building of a very important storyline that is now including multiversal travel as we’ve seen at the end of Deadpool 2 with the inclusion of Owen Wilson.

Mr. Fantastic From Fantastic 4 In Deadpool 3

A Fantastic Four character Mr. Fantastic if he is involved we can’t even confirm for you he would be the MCU sacred timeline Mr. Fantastic because of all these insane variants of Multiverse travel different universes that Deadpool will most certainly be involved with.

We know that Ryan Reynolds’s biggest point when he really wanted to have to happen was to have a Hugh Jackman Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Showdown.

That has been completed that has been captured and that has been revealed we even have from Deadpool 2’s post-credit scenes this awesome clip of Ryan Reynolds talking to Wolverine Lee.

He wanted to do this movie it was planned out it was ready to go before Disney even bought Deadpool’s character from the big fox takeover.

Deadpool 3 In MCU StoryLine

But what has changed now is that Deadpool will be showing up in the MCU and not only having this third movie in the fox Universe.

There will be some type of continuation some type of connection to the characters that we know and love coming from the MCU and it makes a lot of sense that Owen Wilson has been one of the first names to be thrown out there with his character from the TVA Mobius.

We don’t know what the timeline is going to look like exactly whether or not this movie Deadpool 3 will be taking place before or after Loki but either way Owen Wilson’s Mobius who is in TVA mode could be anticipated.

Because at the very end of Loki season 1 we see Mobius not knowing who Loki is and just being a regular agent like he was at the beginning of Loki season one.

So either way, Mobius could go and try to do his TVA stuff capturing Deadpool and bringing him to whatever part of the main MCU timeline we’re going to be in it is a little up in the air phase five is going to be a wild one.

What’s more well we don’t know who else could be involved or could pop up in Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool 3.

It’s very possible that Brian Reynolds is going to want to make this one remember as it is the end of a Trilogy for him and he will be continuing up with more movies and more involvements hopefully a lot of cameos in the future of the MCU.

This really will be the crowning ending to the original Deadpool Trilogy that he started over with Fox.

The first movie was fantastic the second movie built beautifully on the story that was already given to us about Wade Wilson and then the post-credits scene kind of tied this pretty bow on it that left us wondering what was happening in the third movie.

Wolverine Deadpool Clash

Now we already heard that this is going to be a Wolverine Deadpool buddy cop type movie where they’re gonna have an issue they need to solve they’re going to fight amongst themselves and then they’re going to work together to figure it out.

The ending is going to have Deadpool inevitably separated from Wolverine who from the trailer we know is going to be the same Wolverine as Logan and that this happens way before Logan where spoiler alert guys Logan dies.

So that story is going to remain intact and this the same Wolverine will be involved with Deadpool prior to Deadpool being pulled into the MCU permanently.

We’re seeing time travel we’re seeing Multiverse jumping we’re seeing different universes and variants involved but where will Deadpool end up and why will Deadpool end up that is the really fun question for us fans of the MCU and fans of Deadpool.

Deadpool quite honestly could show up in any project and it would make sense and it would be fun because.

Deadpool really just is that fun character with very few Stakes who can look right into the camera and say hey guys I’m here because Marvel Studios needed a big name on the credit bill.

And we would all just be fine with that it’s a character who doesn’t have a lot of critical attacking because he is just fun but his overall involvement in the MCU could lead to huge movies like Wolverine and the Hulk all showing up for different types of projects with Deadpool.

Multiverse Saga | Avengers Secret Wars

We also know that the entirety of the Multiverse Saga ends with Secret Wars so will Deadpool have an important role in that Movie.

Or will he be another side character who they’re gonna throw in there too yeah increase the character count to increase the Ryan Reynolds is involved in this movie Deadpool’s involved in this movie?

So I myself was a fan of Deadpool and wondering where he will fit into the MCU and will his Deadpool 3 movie have any type of weight actually in the MCU.

If we’re going to be seeing a Mr. Fantastic if we’re going to be seeing a Mobius from the TVA or other characters from the X-Men in different universes variants include explanations of what’s going on.

He’s been time traveling it’s very possible Deadpool could give us a rundown as to how time Travel how the Multiverse travel and how variants in different universes all work because although we did get a great touch of it in doctor strange and the Multiverse of Madness movie.

There are still a lot of questions about how incursions will affect the MCU moving forward and if Secret Wars really will be one massive incursion Deadpool would be the perfect character to kind of run us as fans through a traveler’s Guide to the Multiverse.

He can go hey guys welcome to the MCU I’m your host Deadpool and today we’re going to be talking about multiversal travel.

I think that would be a really clever way to explain more of the multiversal laws as well as traveling through different variants of different universes and having it all tied with a pretty bow.

Overall I’m really excited for Deadpool as I know many of you guys are it’s a project that has a lot of stakes but also no Stakes it’s gonna have a lot of cameos and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

I can’t wait to see how they use Deadpool in the MCU but for now, let me know what you guys think is going to happen in Deadpool, and let me know what you’re most excited to have happened in Deadpool.

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