Divided We Stand’ – Alpha Flight’s Latest Adventure Reviewed

“Alpha Flight: Divided We Stand” brings back the beloved Canadian superhero team in an exciting new miniseries. This latest installment, penned by Ed Brisson and illustrated by Scott Godlewski, integrates the team into the broader events of Krakoa and the Fall of X. Fans of Alpha Flight and X-Men alike will find plenty to enjoy in this high-stakes narrative.

The Return of Alpha Flight

Alpha Flight has always been an intriguing part of the Marvel Universe, often on the periphery of the X-Men‘s adventures. This new miniseries brings the team back with a bang, tying them into the major events surrounding Krakoa and the Fall of X.

Canada’s Authoritarian Government and Alpha Flight

In “Alpha Flight: Divided We Stand,” Canada’s new authoritarian regime reactivates Alpha Flight. The team is tasked with hunting mutants, a mission that mirrors the actions of Orchis. This sets the stage for intense internal conflicts and moral dilemmas.

Major Plot Points and Character Dynamics

Team Members and Conflicts

The team includes familiar faces like Guardian, Shaman, Snowbird, and Puck. They find themselves at odds with fellow mutants Northstar, Aurora, Fang, and Nemesis. These internal conflicts drive much of the story’s drama.

Roger Bochs’ Legacy and the Box Sentinels

A significant plot point involves the revival of the Box Sentinels, with Roger Bochs’ son playing a crucial role. This adds a personal layer to the conflict and deepens the stakes for the characters involved.

A Hard-Fought Win and a Somber Conclusion

The arc concludes with a bittersweet victory, a tragic loss, and an uncertain future for Alpha Flight. This ending leaves room for future stories and new challenges for the team.

Writing and Artwork

Ed Brisson’s Pacing and Narrative Style

Ed Brisson’s writing shines with its effective pacing and minimal exposition. His approach lets Scott Godlewski’s artwork carry much of the story, creating a dynamic and engaging reading experience.

Scott Godlewski’s Strong Line Work

Godlewski’s illustrations are a highlight, providing clear and compelling visuals that enhance the narrative. His work complements Brisson’s writing perfectly, making this miniseries a standout.

Supplementary Content and Final Thoughts

Variant Covers and Additional Content

The book includes some full-page variant covers at the end, which are a nice bonus. However, there are few other supplementary materials, which is typical for Marvel’s trade paperbacks.

Overall Impression

“Alpha Flight: Divided We Stand” might not be groundbreaking, but it’s a well-crafted and enjoyable series. Brisson and Godlewski prove to be a strong creative team, delivering a story that justifies its existence through sheer quality.


“Alpha Flight: Divided We Stand” is a must-read for fans of the team and the broader Marvel Universe. Its integration with major events and strong creative team make it a compelling addition to Marvel’s lineup. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Alpha Flight, this miniseries offers an exciting and engaging story.

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