Doctor Doom’s MCU Future: A Villain Deserving the Loki Treatment

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is facing uncertainty following Jonathan Majors’ exit. Reports speculate about the future of Kang the Conqueror, with some suggesting that Doctor Doom might replace him as the next major villain. Let’s delve into what this could mean for the MCU and how Doctor Doom deserves a bigger role.

Insider Reports on Doctor Doom’s Future in the MCU

Potential Replacement for Kang

Industry insider Alex Perez recently discussed the future of the MCU on The Cosmic Circus’ Discord server. When asked if Doctor Doom would replace Kang in the Multiverse Saga, Perez mentioned that Marvel might shift their focus to other multiversal villains first. This move allows them to revisit Kang later while potentially introducing Doctor Doom.

Importance of Proper Build-Up

Perez emphasized that rushing Doctor Doom’s introduction would be a disservice to the character and the fans. He argued that Doom deserves more than a brief appearance, highlighting the need for significant character development and screen time. According to Perez, Marvel aims to treat Doom similarly to how they handled Loki, giving him a recurring and well-developed role.

Loki’s Development: A Model for Doctor Doom

Complexity and Depth

Unlike many one-dimensional villains, Loki, portrayed by Tom Hiddleston, was a complex character with a rich backstory. His struggle for worthiness and recognition made him a relatable and multifaceted character. This depth allowed fans to sympathize with Loki and see the world through his eyes.

Character Evolution

Loki’s character evolved significantly throughout the Infinity Saga. From a villain in Thor to a tragic anti-hero in Thor: Ragnarok, his journey was compelling. If Doctor Doom is given similar treatment, he could become a favorite among fans, with a well-rounded and thoroughly explored character arc.

Why Doctor Doom Deserves Better

Beyond One Movie

Doctor Doom is a significant figure in Marvel Comics, and limiting his presence to one or two films would undermine his potential. Perez pointed out that Doom should not be introduced hastily in a post-credit scene and then used as a primary villain for just a couple of movies. Instead, he should have a recurring role that allows for in-depth exploration and development.

A New Iconic Villain

Handling Doctor Doom like Loki could transform him into an iconic villain in the MCU. By giving him a complex personality and ample screen time, Marvel can ensure that Doom is not just another generic bad guy but a character with whom audiences can connect.


Marvel’s potential plan to give Doctor Doom the Loki treatment could revolutionize the character’s presence in the MCU. By focusing on in-depth character development and recurring appearances, Doom can become a significant and beloved figure in the Marvel universe. Fans should prepare for a well-rounded and complex portrayal that does justice to this iconic villain.

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