Exclusive Wakanda Forever Black Panther Clip Leaks & Reaction

In the world of superhero movies there is a lot going on, in fact, last night Wakanda forever the second black panther installment had its red carpet or purple carpet release.

On top of that, we have an exclusive black panther clip which we’ll be playing for you in just a second here, and a lot more conversation to come so if you love to stay up to date on all of the most recent updates for superhero movies DC Marvel you gotta get the picture.

Wakanda Forever Exclusive Black Panther Clip Leaked

A very cool clip that gives us a very good insight to some of the action sequences we will be seeing when wakanda forever finally goes live for the world

Now there’s no spoilers In that clip or really anything you need to worry about it just gives us a deeper feel for the tone of what black panther wakanda forever is.

And we have a ton of reviews that have come out I did not make it out to the red carpet event for this one so the world premiere happened yesterday I wasn’t able to see the early screening of it so I’ll probably have to wait until the whole release just like the rest of.

You guys unless there’s some type of digital screener in which case oh wait you know what I think but the internet is raving about this movie so far all the YouTubers insiders that I know who have gone have said very very good things not only about the emptiness of Chadwick’s role of the Black Panther but the wholeness of everything else around it.

Now if that can make sense to you it’s something that is very exciting and worth chatting about it’s something that is definitely it of depth which in phase 4 we may have been kind of missing that depth that seriousness.

One of my favorite reactions actually comes from Emmanuel if you guys know him on YouTube as Eman or emansreviews he came out from the world premiere and on Twitter said.

"This black panther was an emotional roller coaster ride the lack of t'challa Slash Chadwick was Heavy action was superb had a couple laughs shed a few Thug tears Namor was fantastic all the black women were great still feeling conflicted"

"Emmanuel Tweet"

This is something that has me excited about the future of a Marvel film or an upcoming film that will be coming out is that feeling of confliction and I don’t want to speak for him here but in my mind this feeling at the end of the film of oh my gosh this just happened often time leaves us feeling these complex emotions.

if you think back to Infinity war that was not a happy ending the infinity War Avengers movie ended with tragedy it ended with hard realization of where our team was at.

Now black panther has a huge amount of shoes to fill of character to fill and the lack of Chadwick is very heavy and eminent but I think that’s part of the planning and that’s part of the design for what they’re going to be giving us in wakanda Forever.

Also with that being said it seems that there is very good action and that the story does build into something huge moving into phase five.

Phase 4 Of MCU Officially End

Now phase 4 will officially end with the Guardians of the Galaxy special releasing later on this year and then we’ll be moving into Ant-Man and the WASP quantumania whose trailer did just drop and proves to also have that depth that complexity and that story building.

I don’t want to speak too soon but from what we’re seeing hearing and the trailers we’ve been given it seems like I’ll say Marvel is back now I’ll say that for you guys because many people are feeling that Marvel’s fallen off or haven’t necessarily enjoyed this building phase which has been phase 4.

They’re establishing new rules they’re establishing new characters, universes, variants, Disney plus series and special presentation all this stuff was testing and building so now that we’re moving into phase five we have a better idea of how Marvel is going to be doing things and that whole parameter has been set by Kevin feige and the crew.

Hopefully the depth and the connection from these movies will start having greater depth and greater connection and with wakanda forever it seems like we really are taking that first step in stride and even with the holiday special for Guardians of the Galaxy we know that Jane’s gun has talked about how important that’s actually going to be moving into volume 3 of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

A lot of exciting things are happening opening black panther Wakanda forever seems like it’s going to be an absolute blast I’ve Loved a lot of the reviews that have come out.

Let me know what you guys think about all this news in the comment section.

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