James Gunn A New Leader Of DC Universe and DC Studios

We have all of this new DC news that we need to cover and go over they are changing to DC Studios from the DCEU or even DC Universe which has been referred to recently and it seems like they’ve gotten their presidents their leaders their Kevin Feige equivalent.

And Kevin Feige himself has talked about James Gunn who is filling one of these roles and his commitment still to Marvel.

James Gunn New Head DC Universe

James Gunn potentially being the leader now moving into DC Studios there are a lot of different reports going around about exactly what’s happening with DC Studios and who will be running it.

But even Kevin Feige has come out and spoken about James Gunn joining DC Studio Singh he’s got a lot of work to do for Marvel between now and may which he is well aware of.

After that, I’ll be the first one in line to see anything he does now that is in reference to James Gunn jumping over to the DC Universe to DC Studios now and that’s completely something that I am excited for.

James Gunn Upcomming Projects With DCU

James Gunn took over with Suicide Squad and the Remake Peacemaker both phenomenal projects that came from the caliber of what DC was releasing not everything added such great production, not everything was oh my gosh greatest show ever just came from DC’s greatest movie ever just came from DC

There’s been a lot of laps of continuation quality enjoyment keeping actors around to play the roles long enough but now with Black Adam out and the big reveal that came from.

But it’s time for us to maybe start looking towards the future which is exactly what Warner Bros Discovery is doing by hiring James Gunn and Peter Safran as co-chairman and chief executive officers of DC Studios.

This means they will be overseeing the overall creative direction of the DC Universe across film TV and animation under a single banner.

Is James Gunn a Kevin Feige Of DC Studios?

This is fantastic this is the Marvel Studios approach Kevin Feige is in charge of everything that happens he reports to Disney but if it happens in Marvel Marvel Studios Kevin Feige has something to say about it.

He’s even managed to get himself into the offices at Sony for the Marvel projects to help give his advice over there as well even though that doesn’t really fall under his umbrella of power that’s how influential Kevin Feige has been for Marvel Studios for the MCU he really is the guy.

Now it seems like Warner bros is finally filling that role by giving a fresh Studio title DC Studios and two new executive officers who are in charge of everything this new opportunity to run with the future of DC.

Flash Film | DC Universe

The Flash Film is supposed to open the DC Universe by entering the Multiverse and Black Adam was supposed to alter the hierarchy of power which is what we were told repetitive times.

The Rock himself and also from a lot of the advertising so here we are a new Leaf is about to be turned but James Gunn isn’t dropping ship just yet as Kevin Feige reminded us he’s going to be quite busy with Guardians of the Galaxy until May.

He’s also going to have to do interviews he’s got a lot of other things that have to come around the corner we still don’t have a trailer for this film so a lot of different pieces need to be put together for the Marvel side before he re-returns to DC after having left Marvel the first time going to DC then going back to Marvel and now returning as an executive of DC Studios.

I’m excited to watch that myself and of course always as a fan of DC I have hope that the DC Studios will be able to finally quench our thirst for good DC content.

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