Kit Harington’s Black Knight: Marvel’s Top Pick for New Avengers Team-Up

Rumor has it that Kit Harington’s Avengers dreams may still come true, as Marvel reportedly considers him for a major role in an upcoming team-up movie. Could the Black Knight join forces with other heroes in a thrilling new adventure? Let’s explore the potential and what it means for the MCU.

Marvel’s Need for a Major Team-Up

Rebuilding After Superhero Fatigue

With the Avengers now part of MCU history, fans are nostalgic for the glory days. After investing years and resources, Marvel needs a big team-up movie to regain its lost momentum. The comic book movie industry has seen a decline due to superhero fatigue, and only a high-quality lineup can reignite audience interest.

The Impact of Eternals’ Post-Credit Scene

When Eternals premiered, it didn’t win over as many fans as expected. However, the post-credit scene featuring the Black Knight and an off-screen Blade hinted at exciting future possibilities. Unfortunately, this was followed by a series of poorly received films. Marvel should have capitalized on these cameos to build a strong narrative around a team like the Midnight Suns.

Why Midnight Suns Could Be the Next Big Event

Potential for a Supernatural Team-Up

A Midnight Suns storyline could have introduced heroes in individual arcs, culminating in a major team-up. This approach could have featured characters like Black Knight, Blade, Ghost Rider, Hannibal King, Moon Knight, and Scarlet Scarab. Instead of focusing on multiversal adventures, a grounded team of supernatural heroes could have revitalized the MCU.

Building a New Foundation

The MCU needs to return to its roots of successful team-ups and events. A series like She-Hulk could have been replaced by a Midnight Suns storyline, introducing multiple key players and setting up an epic team-up movie. Rumors suggest that characters like Wong, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, and Blade are among the top contenders for this team.

Kit Harington’s Potential Return

Black Knight’s Role in the MCU

Kit Harington’s Black Knight was teased in Eternals, but his character’s potential remains untapped. With high anticipation since 2021, Black Knight’s return in a team-up movie like Midnight Suns would be a profitable and exciting development for Marvel. A solo outing might be too ambitious, but a team-up offers a perfect opportunity to explore his character.

Speculated Team Members

If the rumors are true, Midnight Suns could include a diverse lineup of heroes. Names like Wong, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Blade, Werewolf by Night, and Man-Thing are frequently mentioned. Additional characters like Black Knight, Scarlet Scarab, Elsa Bloodstone, Doctor Strange, and Agatha Harkness could also join, creating a powerful and intriguing team.


Marvel’s reported plans to include Kit Harington’s Black Knight in a new team-up movie could be the spark the MCU needs. By focusing on a supernatural team like the Midnight Suns, Marvel can introduce fresh characters and storylines, reigniting fan enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more updates on this potential game-changer for the MCU.

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