Marvel-Sony Spider-Man Deal for Multiple Films

It looks like Sony and Marvel Studios could be up to something right now as the latest reports and rumors say that Disney slashes Marvel Studios because Disney owns Marvel Studios.

Sony is on the verge of a brand new Spider-Man deal now what’s really interesting is that none of us really know the details of what went on and what was included or not included And the last deal that Sony and Disney slash Marvel Studios made.

There have been rumors and reports that the deal was only for three movies or at least the contract only lasted until Spider-Man was no way home, and considering that that was the finale of a Trilogy that does make sense.

However, we do know that Marvel and Sony do want to do more Spider-Man movies in fact Kevin Feige the president of Marvel Studios, and Amy Pascal an executive producer over at Sony did confirm after no way home came out.

They confirmed that they are already working on a Spider-Man 4. and now it seems like it’s apparently far enough along the lines to start getting a deal done for the movies and specifically for Tom Holland after the deal for the movies and Spider-Man as a character is made.

Marvel And Sony Deal

But this deal is also going to involve the Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars which Spider-Man should be appearing in both of them.

Now before people start to get worried because the last time they renegotiated a Spider-Man deal in the MCU it got pretty scary we almost didn’t have Spider-Man in the MCU anymore.

For a while, Sony and Marvel Studios could not work out a deal and it looked like we were going to permanently lose Spider-Man.

However, since that deal was made Spider-Man has done wonders at the box office and the MCU and all of the reports state that Marvel Studios and Sony are working extremely well with each other right now.

In fact, even in Sony’s Spider-Man vs Sony consults with Kevin Feige for each Spider-Man-related project even though that project is not going to be in the MCU.

However with a new Spider-Man deal coming into play now perhaps some of the two universes might blend just a little bit because everything that we’ve been hearing about Sony spider-verse is true

Spider-Man Universe

They are definitely going to want Tom Holland Spider-Man in their Universe at least once or twice in the universe that they are building they seemingly are building up to a spider get in the film which is basically a secret War a big Multiverse Collision of a ton of different Spider-Man variants.

So imagine seeing about 20 to 40 Spider-Man variants on the same screen all fighting together and possibly against each other that’s what Sony could have up their sleeve for their Sony Spider-Man universe

But first, let’s talk about this deal between Sony and Marvel Studios and what Marvel Studios has planned for Spider-Man in the MCU.

Now we’ve known for a little bit that Sony and Marvel Studio Disney are going to be making a new deal but according to a new report word from Grace Randolph yesterday she says it seems Disney and Sony are close to a new Spider-Man deal.

They sign then can work on Tom Holland’s deal hashtag Spider-Man 4 and likely both Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars now let me just explain one line in her tweet here.

She says they sign then can work on Tom Holland’s deal now when she says they sign at first she is talking about the actual character Spider-Man.

The deal isn’t specifically talking about Tom Holland Spider-Man at first it’s just simply talking about keeping Spider-Man in the MCU since Sony does own the rides for Spider-Man on screen.

So basically what they have to work out is what’s the cut how much is Sony gonna make how much is Marvel gonna make and the good news is this has pretty much been worked out already.

Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Box Office

This is what the last big deal was about when we almost lost Spider-Man in the MCU Marvel won and more because Spider-Man homecoming was the first Spider-Man movie to hit a billion million dollars.

And yes Spider-Man is popular but this was also due to the fact that Spider-Man was in the MCU he interacted with the Avengers in Captain America Civil War and Tony Stark was in homecoming so Marvel Studios had a big part to play in that billion-dollar movie.

So naturally given the success they wanted a little bit more of a cut like I said they worked that out already and figured out something that works for both of them.

So we’re in the clear on that what they have to work out now is how many movies is Spider-Man going to be in moving forward what is this next deal going to be for are they going to do a new Spider-Man trilogy?

Kang Dynasty and Avengers Secret Wars

And what team-up movies are Spider-Man going to appear in Gray specifically mentions Spider-Man 4 the Kang Dynasty and Avengers Secret Wars we obviously have to have Spider-Man 4 before the Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars come out.

Because there is a lot left unanswered about Spider-Man is anybody going to remember who Peter Parker is the spell going to be undone is he finally going to talk to Ned and MJ.

Is Ned going to become a villain is spider-Gwen going to come into the picture as miles’ morale is going to be introduced there’s so much to address in the next Spider-Man movie

So Spider-Man 4 is the first thing that needs to happen and according to the latest reports Spider-Man, 4 could be released on June 7th of 2024 which means we probably are not going to be getting Spider-Man 5 or 6 before the Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars They would come after.

The reason that it’s a big deal that the Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars would come before Spider-Man 5 and Spider-Man 6 is because of the Venom symbiote the post-credits scene for Spider-Man no way home set up Venom in the MCU not the same Venom from the Sony Universe, not Tom Hardy’s Venom sadly but the Venom symbiote.

And the latest rumor is that Tom Holland is not going to be getting this symbiote until after Secret Wars to keep to a comic-accurate story.

Because in the comics the first time that Spider-Man ever wears the Black Venom symbiote suit is during Secret Wars.

So I’m all for this because I do like to see comic-accurate stories play out in the MCU also not to mention in Sony’s new Spider-Man deal they could also make a deal for Tom Hardy’s Venom to show up in secret Wars.

We know that there are going to be many different variants of many different characters in this movie universes are going to be colliding so why not have Tom Hardy’s Venom in there even if it’s just for a quick little Cameo?

Dr. Strange In Spider-man Universe

Now Dr. Strange seemed to know about the whole Spider-Man debacle both seem to know about the spell gone wrong

It’s unclear whether they know Peter Parker as Spider-Man or not but they do know about the Spider-Man spell and people still do know about Spider-Man.

Regardless of whether or not the spell is reversed or people find out who Peter Parker really is AKA Spider-Man he is going to be involved in the next Avengers film which is the Kang Dynasty that is being written right now.

So it would make sense that the New Deal for Spider-Man would have to get done right now so the fact that it’s close to being done is good news because you can’t have an Avengers film at this point in time without Spider-Man.

He’s one of the only characters left from the infinity Saga that we still have in the Multiverse Saga we need those old characters to remain and plus the Kang Dynasty is going to lead right into Secret Wars.

Spider-Man Films | MCU Phase 5, 6 And 7

And since we know he’s going to be in secret Wars it only makes sense for him to be in the Kang Dynasty and then like I said hopefully we get a Spider-Man 5 and a Spider-Man 6 in Phase 6 and phase 7.

Beyond and hopefully this is when Marvel Studios will start to introduce other Spider-Man characters into the MCU like Miles Morales as they teased Spider-Man’s no way home talking about there’s got to be a black Spider-Man out there somewhere.

This is great news we don’t have to worry about Spider-Man going anywhere Sony and Marvel Studios are working out a new deal right now to get Spider-Man back in the MCU.

So let me know how excited you are about this in the comments down below and let me know what storylines you’d like to see in the MCU for Spider-Man in the comments as well.

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