Multiple Roles For Benedict Cumberbatch in MCU Phase 5 & 6

As of right now, we have no idea when the next time we will see doctor strange we can all obviously assume that we will probably see him in Avengers the Kang Dynasty and secret War

So the actor does tease that but he seems to hint that the next time we see him could be an invariant form.

So this comes to us from an interview that Benedict Cumberbatch did with Prestige and they specifically asked him about Marvel Studios Phase 5 and phase 6 plans and how exactly he fit into those.

And he discusses this and how he could possibly fit into those plans as a result of what happens in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and specifically at the end of the film.

And there are quite a few long paragraphs here but essentially he says that if you look at what they’re doing with Doctor Strange the Multiverse and the incursions and the projects that they recently announced.

That he believes that we could be seeing more proper MCU doctors strange but also that we are not done seeing multiple variants of strangers in different worlds.

But as far as what he would like and what he hopes for it’s that when we follow the main doctor strange that he will remain a focus and then whatever other versions could appear anywhere else obviously those are just extras.

Now there are plenty of projects He could realistically appear in right um he could appear in Deadpool 3 he could appear obviously in any project related to anything Multiverse so low-key season two.

So it’ll be interesting to see where he does pop up and ultimately what happens with the likes of Doctor Strange three where does that fall in does it gets delayed does it have to be changed like the last film?

I mean there are so many things that could affect everything but I do think it’s pretty safe to say that he’s going to be an important part if not in the Kang Dynasty definitely Secret Wars Because he has to be.

Because he’s literally the one that knows everything about the incursions what’s going on what’s Happening and why the secret war is even gonna happen.

So he’s kind of gonna have to be at the Forefront of it and I think it makes sense because he’s a holdover of the old phases he’s now more experienced he’s kind of at the center of it he’s the veteran of the team if you will.

So really does make a lot of sense that this is how they’re going to handle him and then in the meantime, we just get possible variants somewhere.

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