New Casting For Reed Richards Fantastic Four

Today we have some very interesting news about the Fantastic Four specifically regarding the casting of Reed Richards.

Now the casting of the Fantastic Four lately has been a pretty big topic especially before d23 because we definitely thought that we were going to get the cast for The Fantastic Four.

The fact that the Fantastic Four cast should be pretty much made up already if not Marvel Studios should be very very close in their search to finding Reed Richards Sue storm Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm.

Now we’ve heard many many different things so far like pin Badgley is the front runner to be Reed Richards of the MCU and that Jody Comer from free guy is in the running to be Sue storm and things like Seth Rogen could even be playing the thing.

Casting For X-men Character

We have some news from some Insider accounts who are known to be fairly accurate with their Scoops we also have a tiny bit of news about some possible X-Men castings.

And let’s start with that this is actually about Giancarlo Esposito now if you’re not aware recently Giancarlo Esposito has been pretty outspoken about the fact that he would love to play Professor Xavier in the MCU.

He’s also been pretty outspoken about the fact that he’s already met with Marvel Studios about roles in the MCU well recently at a Comic Con a fan saw him and held up a Funko Pop of Professor Xavier.

In which Giancarlo Esposito replied see you on the big screen now of course this could be a joke however we do know that he has been pushing for this role and we do know that he has met with Marvel Studios.

And we also do know that he is pretty outspoken normally I would say well an actor wouldn’t just say it like that he wouldn’t just reveal that he had been cast for a role.

However he has spoken out a lot about wanting to play that role while at the same time these actors are very aware of what fans talk about and how things can spread pretty quick quickly online.

So I want to say he was kidding but you never know he really wants that role and he’s met with Marvel Studios so we’ll have to wait and see but in the meantime let me know in the comments if you think he would make a good Professor Xavier.

Reed Richards Casting For Fantastic Four MCU

We have some very interesting news about the Fantastic Four Cast from the account can we get some toast.

The first report States Fantastic Four scoop they’re looking at POC actors for read as well some juicy actors in the running for it outside of Adam Driver 2.

Marvel Studios has been looking at some Star Wars actors some pretty big known names and some people right away automatically assumed Adam Driver and John boyega.

Especially after people like Ewan McGregor said that he’s a part of the Star Wars Universe he doesn’t really need to be a part of the MCU not that he doesn’t like it he’s just a part of this really big universe.

However for some of these younger actors it’s definitely only a possibility and according to can we get some toast Diego Luna is one of the Front Runners to play Reed Richards in the MCU.

I really like Diego Luna I actually really enjoyed the Andor series and I think he’s doing a fantastic job I think he’s a fantastic actor as well I have nothing against him however I don’t think that he would make a perfect Reed Richards.

Would he do a good job? yes, I firmly believe that he would do a good job however I think somebody like John Krasinski or even pin Badgley as a younger read Richards would fit the role a little bit more than he would.

Although right now it’s kind of unknown on what direction they’re going to take the Fantastic Four in what direction they’re going to take the individual characters.

Reed Richards In Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania

Kevin feige has already came out and said that the Fantastic Four movie isn’t going to be a true origin story about the team and right now the biggest rumor is that Mr Fantastic Reed Richards could even show up in Ant-Man and the wasp quantumania.

And if that is true that means Marvel Studios has already cast their actor for Reed Richards because Ant-Man and the WASP quantumania is done filming sure they could do some reshoots but we only have four months until the movie comes out

So if that is true we’ll see soon enough who our Reed Richards is going to actually be but in the meantime let me know what you think about this recent report for Diego Luna being in the run and also Adam Driver

Would you like either of these two to play Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four movie in the MCU let me know all your thoughts in the comments down below.

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