New Director for Marvel’s Blade Reboot Announced

According to some Buzz online Marvel Studios might already have their eye or possibly have already locked in a brand new direction for the upcoming void reboot so let’s talk about the hopeful optimism that I have.

The blade reboot seems to be following into trouble every single time we get an update on it we get an update on production then We get a delay then we get another delay then we get the director.

Leaving then we have an update on the production and sets that are being built and then it’s shut down and then actors stop being cast for additional roles.

So things just keep falling apart according to the cosmic Circus the director Elegance Bratton is apparently the one that’s going to be taking over blade from the former director.

Now I will be honest with you I haven’t seen a single project that this director has made I know of the name because I’ve seen it in association with a24.

Again a24 is one of these film companies that cinephiles absolutely love and I certainly uh you know fall into the line of I love A24 films and if you just look at his current filmography and everything he’s been involved with it’s not a lot.

So this might honestly be the best choice and pick if it’s true because like other directors that the MCU has brought in such as John Watts for example for Spider-Man.

It’s a Small Time director who has yet to make it big but they locked him in because they see a specific voice and approach and specific talent that nobody else sees.

And there’s also that whole notion of getting them locked in early so you can kind of control them which Hollywood likes to do with risky properties and also with new directors that haven’t exactly found their footing.

Because then it’s a type of scenario of hey you get big to remember who got you here so keep that in mind and remember that down the road.

I know everybody including me was saying man I hope it’s Guillermo del Toro again Gilmore is my favorite director of all time.

I love everything he’s done but do we want the blade to come out in the next decade or not if you get Gilmore on it?

IT ain’t coming out so that’s a problem um you know he takes his time and he likes to do everything practically.

Marvel needs this film to come out on its set date make no mistake about it if the blade gets another director that walks away it’s not just gonna get delayed it’s going to get straight up canceled and I would rather just see it instead of having it completely sidelined.

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