Outsiders #8: David Bowie’s Iconic Character Joins DC Universe

In an unexpected twist, the latest issue of Outsiders features a surprising cameo that has fans buzzing. The Outsiders, known for exploring the fringes of their comic book reality, encounter a character tied to none other than David Bowie. Let’s dive into this intriguing development and what it means for the series.

The Outsiders’ Role in Exploring Comic Book Reality

In recent months, the Outsiders, inspired by Planetary, have been navigating the boundaries of their comic book universe. Acting as archaeologists of science fiction and superheroes, they uncover hidden truths and forgotten histories within the DC Universe.

This week’s issue brings a cameo that no one saw coming. While fans anticipated appearances by characters like Jinny Hex, who possesses a trunk full of historical superhero weapons, the real surprise was the introduction of Thomas Jerome Newton.

Who is Thomas Jerome Newton?

Thomas Jerome Newton is the name of the alien protagonist in the 1963 novel The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis. The character was famously portrayed by David Bowie in the 1976 film adaptation. Newton, an alien who crashlands on Earth, embodies Bowie’s enigmatic and otherworldly presence.

In Outsiders #8, Newton is referred to as Major Thomas Jerome Newton, a nod to Bowie’s iconic persona Major Tom from the song “Space Oddity.” This clever reference intertwines Bowie’s legacy with the DC Universe, creating a unique blend of pop culture and comic book lore.

The Impact on the Series

Following the explosive events of the previous issue, Batwoman leaves the Outsiders to pursue a solo mission in the American Southwest. Her departure sets the stage for new challenges and storylines within the team.

In her quest, Batwoman faces a dangerous specter that haunts the innocent and guilty alike. This storyline promises intense action and emotional depth as she battles a monster with roots in the Old West.


The inclusion of Thomas Jerome Newton in Outsiders #8 is a delightful surprise for fans, blending the worlds of David Bowie and DC Comics. As Batwoman embarks on her solo quest, the Outsiders continue to explore the boundaries of their reality, uncovering new mysteries and facing unforeseen challenges. This issue marks a unique and exciting chapter in the series, promising more intriguing developments ahead.

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