Secret Plot of Ant-Man & the Wasp Quantumania With Kang

A couple of days ago we got the official teaser trailer for Ant-Man and the WASP Quantum Mania and it looks amazing we watched Scotland AKA Ant-Man his daughter Cassie Ling hope Van Dyne Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym get sucked into the quantum realm.

Where we saw a lot of new characters including Bill Murray and Kang the Conqueror or should I say Kangs you see I think Marvel is doing what they typically do with teaser trailers and trailers.

The Plot Of Ant-Man And The WASP Quantumania

They are kind of trying to deceive us but I mean that in a very good way they’re trying not to give it all away I believe that we have discovered what the actual plot for Ant-Man and the WASP quantumania is and it may not be exactly what you think.

It is based on some things that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has told us and based on some small details in the trailer I believe that we’re going to see many different variants in this movie different variants of Ant-Man but also different variants of Kang.

Different Variants Of Kang The Conqueror

You see Kevin Feige has already confirmed that there are going to be multiple different variants of Kang in The multiversal Saga which makes sense.

it is the Multiverse Saga and it’s all leading up to the Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars where of course we’ll see just a ton of different variants of a ton of different characters but let’s specifically just look at Ant-Man and the WASP since we just got the trailer Monday and let’s specifically look at a few scenes.

What Kang specifically tells Ant-Man or should I say a version of what Kang tells Ant-Man for the most part the vast majority of this trailer is spent inside of the quantum realm with the exception of perhaps the first 20 seconds there’s a lot that goes on but there are a few very important details to focus on.

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One of the first things to notice is what a variant of Kang is telling Ant-Man as we see Kang or at least from the head down we don’t actually see his head but as we see Kang for the very first time he is putting some type of power source into some type of a device.

Now, this is obviously show shown because the trailer wants you to see this it wants to be emphasized so it’s going to be a big part of the movie and this is hinted at in the trailer.

however, something that wasn’t shown in this trailer that was shown in the footage at SDCC and D23 earlier this year was footage of Kang the Conqueror basically telling Ant-Man that he wants Ant-Man to steal something for him.

Ant-Man And The WASP Quantumania Trailer Breakdown

That is sort of relayed in this trailer Kang says this place isn’t what you think he says I can get you home and give you more time if you help me and the trailer ends with Kang as Kang Ant-Man.

So what’s it gonna be meaning are you going to help me and I believe that he is I believe this Kang wants this power source from a different Kang the Conqueror we see a few different shots of Kang in this trailer.

But if you notice if you look very carefully the outfits they’re wearing are slightly different and that is because I believe we are seeing two different Kangs here one Kang who isn’t so much in power and one Kang who is and the other Kang needs the help of Ant-Man to steal something from the Kang in power so he can get in power.

Almost becomes a sort of like the enemy of my enemy is my friend except we know that Kang is still going to be the enemy of Ant-Man even though he needs his help of him.

Why Kang Needed The Help From Ant-Man?

The question is why does Kang one variant of Kang need the help of Ant-Man well you have to remember what he who remains who of course is a variant of Kang he even said in Loki they’ve called me a conqueror before

You have to remember what he said about all of his variants fighting each other the multiversal War was between Kang it wasn’t just between a bunch of different universes and a bunch of different people it was literally between a bunch of different variants of Kang the Conqueror.

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He who remains then shut everything down and created One Soul’s sacred timeline to keep other variants of Kane from emerging.

However, like he who remains told Loki and Sylvie if they killed him the Multiverse would essentially break open again and his variance would come which is exactly what is happening now.

Multiversal War In Marvel Universe

So within our MCU Ray right now within our Multiverse, a huge multiversal War has already broken out between the Kangs and we are witnessing it right now in Ant-Man and the wasp quantumania.

Ant-Man has been brought into this multiversal war whether he likes it or not but again why does Kang need Ant-Man’s help well because he can shrink down to a size that nobody else can see even inside of the quantum realm.

As we can see in one specific shot we see giant man meaning that even though Ant-Man is able to shrink down and get into the quantum realm he can still shrink even more and he can still grow bigger inside of the quantum realm this is the very specific skill set that this version of Kang needs.

So Ant-Man can go sneak in grab the power source and sneak out and there’s a very specific reason that Kang the Conqueror needs that power source.

Kang’s time chair

Now in Ant-Man and the WASP quantumania we actually saw Kang’s time chair Kang’s time chair is essentially how he travels through time and without it he’s kind of stuck inside of the quantum realm which is why he needs ant-man’s help.

The other Kang the Conqueror has clearly conquered the quantum realm or the vast majority of it since we see pretty much an entire Army a very very huge Army and essentially the city chronopolis which is the headquarters of the Kang in the comics which is located in limbo which essentially exists outside of space and time aka the quantum realm.

Kang right here is pretty much the dominant Kang and I’m assuming that he pretty much controls all of the power sources needed to power time travel devices you see.

When Kang the Conqueror tells Ant-Man this place is not what you think it is kind of what we think the quantum realm is the home of chronopolis and is Kang the conqueror’s headquarters for the same reasons that it is in limbo in the comics.

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It exists outside of space and time but is the hub for Kang to jump to different places in time in different universes the quantum realm makes that possible we saw this in the Avengers endgame The Avengers all went inside of the quantum realm at the same time.

However, they went through different portals and went to different parts in time this is essentially what Kang the Conqueror does however he can also go to other universes because he has mastered this.

Avengers And Kang The Conqueror

The Avengers managed to put it out but Kang is the master of time travel he can control it way better than anybody could ever imagine and this is what makes Kang so dangerous.

But make no mistake we are going to be seeing a battle of the Kangs and I believe Ant-Man and a bunch of different variants of Ant-Man are going to help a specific variant of Kang take down kind of the big bad Kang if you will.

There is a very specific scene in the trailer where we see Ant-Man running with a lot of other Ant-Man if you look at the very bottom of the scene you can see a bunch of different variants of Ant-Man and we can see a very large variant of Ant-Man gets shredded to string cheese like we saw Mr. Fantastic get shredded in Multiverse of Madness.

So we’re clearly going to be seeing a lot of different variants of Ant-Man in this movie but wouldn’t be shocked if we saw some variants of some other characters as well

We know from the footage that was shown at D23 and SDCC that Kang the Conqueror drops the line to Ant-Man you’re an Avenger have I killed you before meaning that Kang has run into other Avengers before?

Perhaps he has taken some prisoner and perhaps some are being held inside of chronopolis heck maybe even some variants that are evil are working with Kang and are part of his army.

But that line have I killed you before actually ties in with a line that one of the other Kangs has said in this trailer where he says I can get you out and give you more time

I believe this is because obviously Kang the Conqueror can see the future of multiple different Futures and has seen that future where a variant of Kang has killed Ant-Man.

I think this is what he is referring to when he is saying I can give you more time meaning you don’t have to die at the hands of this other Kang the Conqueror I myself can save you if you help me basically get in charge and from what we’ve heard this came to the conqueror, of course, he’s still evil basically takes Scott’s daughter Cassie hostage

So it’s pretty much not really a choice he basically says Hey Ant-Man you’re gonna help me or I’m gonna hurt your daughter so essentially Ant-Man has been brought into this multiversal war of Kangs.


I believe he’s going to end up helping this variant of Kang Dethrone the other variant but in turn, create the big bad of the MCU the main Kang that we’ll see throughout the rest of the multiversal Saga and perhaps even the main Kang of the Kang Dynasty.

based on what we’ve seen in this trailer this seems to make sense but hey let me know what you think about this theory in the comments down below and of course, let me know what you thought about that awesome trailer.

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