Robert Downey Jr.’s Rumored Return As Iron Man In MCU

According to the inside scoops we’ve been hearing recently, Robert Downing Jr.’s Iron Man is back in good shape, and we’ll explain everything in today’s article.

Hello everyone, yep, there are new rumors about ‘IRON MAN’ Robert Downey Jr Returns in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I would really appreciate it if people would think about this subject and then, once I’ve presented a few arguments, give me an honest response based on your viewpoint.

Would you like to see Iron Man? Let me know what you guys think in the comment area about Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man returning to the MCU for whatever reason, whether they use voodoo magic to bring his body back to life or a robot takes the place of Tony Stark.

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Will Robert Downey Jr Return As Iron Man?

Because there are several ways they could bring Iron Man back, especially now that we’re in the Multiverse Saga, so to start, the inside information comes from the very Authentic Site.

The secret is that Iron Man is back, baby, and he won’t just be returning for Secret Wars or anything like that; he’s going to make a comeback as soon as armor Wars. In fact, armor Wars is trending on Twitter right now—possibly for the first time—thanks to this revelation.

There is a lot of discussion regarding the potential for Robert Downing Jr.’s Iron Man to appear in Armor War, so that is the breaking news and the inside scoop, but as devoted fans, we now have a duty to debate whether or not this is what we want to happen.

Iron Man is a highly iconic and stable character in the MCU and his absence has definitely been felt. When discussing potential members of future Avengers teams, it’s clear that his presence is missed.

Will Downey and Chris come back?

Iron Man and Captain America are both mantle characters who have been integral to the MCU since the beginning, and it’s difficult to imagine the team without them. That being said, we are still excited about the inclusion of other characters and heroes in the future.

While it may be a challenge to fill the void left by Iron Man and Captain America, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Avengers.

But these figures are well-known and have played a significant role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) from the beginning. Having said that, the character’s departure marked a crucial turning point for the entire MCU as well as the character.

The impact and significance of the character’s sacrifice, which was unselfish and performed in an effort to bring everyone back and establish a new world, could be harmed by bringing them back to life. The impact of their sacrifice might be diminished if the character were to be revived.

Consequently, having the figure just make a reappearance would be counterproductive. The fact that Iron Man hasn’t been around for a while alters a few things for me.

There is still a desire to have Iron Man make a snide remark before taking off, despite the fact that some may argue that doing so would negate the snap and minimize the sacrifice.

Is Tony Stark Coming Back?

Even those who think the character’s sacrifice shouldn’t be reversed might still want to see Iron Man in another movie.

I understand your perspective, but now that time has passed, it could be argued that Iron Man made his sacrifice without the expectation or knowledge of returning in any form.

This makes me feel that it may be possible for him to come back without diminishing the impact of his sacrifice, as it wouldn’t be an immediate return.

We’ve spent years now, with the knowledge, every day waking up knowing, “Yup, Iron Man’s still dead.” Years now, so I think it wouldn’t be inappropriate or diminished in my perspective, the sacrifice.

With that being said, I find it very unlikely that the Scarlet Witch is going to do any magic voodoo and bring him back to life, and we’ll have zombie Tony Stark running around.

In fact, it’s much more likely that one of these options will be how we see Iron Man in the future: either a variant, which is the most obvious.

A variant could be an exact speeding replica; it could look exactly like Tony Stark and have had almost the exact same experience, except on his planet, he didn’t die during the invasion of Thanos.

Tony Stark actor to reprise the role in multiple Marvel films?

That is a hundred percent a possibility, but not what’s gonna happen in “Armor Wars,” because “Armor Wars” really doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of Multiverse Voodoo going on, and unless something pretty drastic happens before “Armor Wars” is released.

I don’t really see how Iron Man could be returned to the MCU in an organic, inappropriate manner, so I’m gonna say variant probably isn’t going to be the way we see Iron Man for the first time again in the MCU, assuming this scoop is correct and we will be seeing Iron Man in “Armor Wars.”

Now, it makes perfect sense to see Iron Man in “Armor Wars,” considering that this all has to do with Tony Stark’s technology falling into the wrong hands, and Roadie, his best friend, trying to keep the Stark Empire alive and keep the name of Iron Man well. And yes, he’ll be running around in the Iron Patriot armor.

Now, something that is likely to happen and would be very appropriate is that Tony Stark left some things for his best friend Roadie, and in that package of items, we could see something that is used to mend and fix the Iron Patriot, some of his old toys and belongings, some very Tony Stark stuff.

And he’s going to be going through it and potentially he’ll find a disc, a USB, heck it could be a floppy disk (although that’s unlikely), and it’s going to contain some type of consciousness, some type of memory, some type of AI program created by Tony Stark.

Now, whether that’s just a simple video, like what we saw him saying goodbye to Morgan with, or if it’s an entire AI system that will boot up into an Ironman machine and completely run it on its own, we’re gonna have to wait to find out.

The Robot Version Of Tony Stark IRON MAN

But these are also options: would you be okay with a robot version of Tony Stark, who with the help of Jarvis (or I suppose at the time it would have been Friday) was able to capture his consciousness in some type of AI format?

Which will then be transferred over either as an assistant to Roadie in his suit or to completely control the consciousness of a suit in itself.

Now, these three options for me are the most logical and simple ways to bring Robert Downing Jr back without going into the Multiverse: a simple flashback where Rhodey is getting instruction from Tony prior to his death.

A video or some type of projection monologuing to Roadie about the importance of keeping the Stark technology and the name of Stark safe; or the entire AI transformation where consciousness is put into either a Jarvis-like system or into an Iron Man suit itself and Tony Stark’s able to actually exist among people as an AI.

Tony Stark May Appears In Marvel’s Upcoming Projects

But because of his super brilliant mind and his capabilities of doing that, I would highly expect at some point during “Secret Wars” or the Kang Dynasty to run into some Stark variants, whether that’s Tom Cruise or either version of Robert Downey Jr or any type of variant we’ve seen in Loki (several Loki-looking variants and several not-so-Loki-looking variants).

And in their Multiverse or in their Universe, they are all Loki, and this really will apply to Iron Man as well, and I expect to see several different versions of Captain America, Black Widow, and Iron Man.

The core Avengers, show up in variant form because that’s a really exciting thing to kind of view while you’re going through the Multiverse and “Secret Wars.”

However, since this group pretty confidently boasts that Iron Man is back, baby, we will be seeing him and potentially even seeing him as early as “Armor Wars.”

I would expect that maybe we’re getting a little bit more than just a variant, and for me, since I did ask you the question, I’ll answer it now: I would be stoked, absolutely over the moon, to see an AI version of Iron Man.

Robert Downing Jr As AI Returning?

I understand the argument of overturning the sacrifice and bringing him back and making it all worthless, but I think enough time has passed, we’ve suffered not having him long enough, and I would be over the moon to see Robert Downing Jr even as an AI returning.

And I would be okay even to have him have control of a suit and not just be a Jarvis-like AI assistant, but rather an entire conscious being that can exist.

You know, there are a lot of details that need to go into that to perfect it; I’m obviously speaking off the cuff by explaining it.

So that it makes sense in the timeline, so that it looks good, so that the technology existed, all will need to be explained appropriately.

But as far as me, as a fan, I would be super happy to see that. So, let me know now, what you think in the comments section down below. Do you think enough time has passed?

Are you ready for Iron Man to return, however that may be? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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