The Worst Villain Look of All Time? Breaking Down MODOK’s Epic Fashion Fail

Although Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is now behind us, it is still ahead of us in terms of watching it on Disney Plus or obtaining it on physical media relatively soon. Recently, we had another glimpse of what MODOK could have looked like, and to be honest, it looks far worse.

Now, I am not someone who claims that MODOK is my all-time favorite character, nor do I believe that Marvel Studios ruined him like many people tend to do whenever a new character appears that is not exactly like the comics.

I did not mind what they did with him because it fit the MCU story and mold. I thought his appearance was fun, ridiculous, stupid, and creepy due to how insane it was. Recently, we saw some concept art of them finalizing the design, and one of the designs led them to what we have now.

However, I do not really like this new design. It looks like he is wearing some sort of inflatable floaty, and his body parts are slender-looking and kind of creepy, almost giving me a weird Bloodborne-type creature vibe. The face and the goo and muck thing just do not sit well with me.

The rest of the technology, such as the wings, looks kind of cool, but they kind of kept elements of that anyway. My biggest issue is that this design is still MODOK, whether you like it or not. MODOK has always been a comedic character that looks kind of stupid, but here, it looks like they are trying too hard to make him look creepy.

It feels like they are doing a Marvel TV side of things, where they cannot quite do the actual thing from the comics, so they are just doing this. I do not like it, but maybe if I saw it in motion, it would work. I often see concept art and think that it might not work, but then I see it in motion and realize that it does.

Something about this design just does not sit right with me. Maybe it does with you guys; let me know in the comments below. We will probably see more when the art book comes out in a year or two, at this pace, because they are slow in getting those things out.

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