We got the first international box office report for black panther wakanda forever

Its massive 10.1M international box office and how it compares to recent outings from comic book offerings.

So this week wakanda forever started to roll out and the first International markets consisted of 17 International countries 

The film made 10.1 million in these territory and deadline has a good breakdown of how this compares to some of the other films this year 

It puts it officially 225m ahead of Black Adam in its initial opening it puts it 45 percent ahead of the Batman 

And it puts it 27 below the original black panther which obviously I think most of us expected now again this is just for Wednesday 

So again there's still a lot of territories that have yet to report there early Wednesday showings and it's that weird 

10.1 million while it doesn't sound exactly like the biggest amount remember it's 17 International territories and international is never as big as domestic.