Jack Ryan season 3 is easily one of the most anticipated series to come out this year on Amazon Prime Video. 

but when will it come out who’s in the third season will there be more seasons will John Krasinski be dreamy forever yes we must warn you that not all the answers are available yet 

The third season of Jack Ryan so for the uninitiated we’ll give you the synopsis straight from Big Daddy Bezos when CIA analyst Jack Ryan stumbles Upon. 

The investigation into a series of mysterious bank transfers draws him away from his comfortable desk job and thrusts him into a dangerous game 

of cat and mouse across Europe and the Middle East with a rising terrorist figurehead planning a huge strike against the United States and its allies. 

It was revealed that the third season was a pretty big production it was filmed across the UK Colombia Russia Canada Morocco and the U.S  

it would seem as though season 3 is going to see Jack travel far and wide to try and save the world from some sort of imminent danger. 

Well so Do we have a release date for Jack Ryan season 3 well the answer to that is yes, yes we do the third season is going to be released on December 21st, 2022