Julie and Julia author Julie Powell has passed away Powell's husband Eric tells the New York Times that Julie died at her home in Upstate New York And that the cause of death was cardiac arrest in 2002 

Powell began blogging about her journey to cook all 524 recipes listed in Julia Child's famous cookbook mastering the art of French cooking volume 1 

she eventually turned the blog into the book Julie and Julia 365 days 524 recipes one tiny apartment kitchen which was published in 2005 

four years later the book was adapted into the film Julie and Julia the movie starred Meryl Streep as the famous chef  

The Culinary icon's backstory was intertwined with Julie's experience with Amy Adams playing the Blogger  

at the time Julie reflected on how she differed from the way Amy portrayed her on screen  

telling the Orlando Sentinel in 2009 that she's much nicer than me of course read the book after seeing the movie and you will be shocked  

she plays these sweet roles and I to say the least am not sweet Julie added I'm a complainer but now with my life these days I have nothing to complain about Julie Powell was just 49 years old