Psychology of Ghostface Killers in the Scream Franchise - Explained

The "Scream" franchise features multiple killers who take on the identity of Ghostface, each with their own unique motives for committing murder.  

The first Ghostface killer, revealed in the original "Scream" movie, was motivated by revenge against protagonist Sidney Prescott's mother.  

The second Ghostface killer, revealed in "Scream 2," was motivated by jealousy and a desire for fame. 

The third Ghostface killer, revealed in "Scream 3," was motivated by revenge against the people involved in the production of a movie based on the events of the first two movies. 

The fourth Ghostface killer, revealed in "Scream 4," was motivated by a desire to become famous through committing a series of murders. 

The article speculates about the possible motivations of the killer(s) in the upcoming "Scream 5," which is set to release in January 2022. 

The "Scream" franchise is known for its meta approach to horror movies and its ability to subvert audience expectations regarding the identity and motives of the killers.