10. Mazah

Mazahs on Earth 3 things are a kind of backward power and strength reign supreme and those who are superheroes and villains in the prime Universe are supervillains and heroes respectively in Earth 3 

9. Bump In The Night

Bump In The Night for starters DC’s house of horror is basically a collection of short stories featuring different characters they are all equally interesting and horror themed 

8. Speed Demon

Speed demon from the amalgam Universe where the worlds of Marvel and DC Collide is honestly an amazing place but while that is incredibly awesome the one on this list would be Blaze Allen 

7. WitchMarked Wonder Women

WitchMarked Wonder Woman, years ago a 12-year-old Diana Prince Came Upon a ritual being performed at a Crossroads in the mascara to the goddess of magic and witches Hecate by her followers 

6. Dawnbreaker

Dawnbreaker now is like a mix of evil Green Lantern and evil Bruce Wayne technically it’s just Bruce Wayne but after the passing of his parents that fateful night the young Bruce Wayne comes into possession of a Green Lantern ring 

5. Superwomen

Superwoman while Superwoman is technically an alternate version of Wonder Woman originally she was actually the lowest lane from Earth 3 

4. Raven Last 52

Raven from the last 52 Multiverse the Batman who laughs comes from the dark Multiverse which is the flip side of the regular Multiverse composed of Worlds where nightmares become real.

3. Fernu

Before the Martians, they were an incredibly violent and Powerful race called The Burning. The Guardians of the universe experimented on the burning and put genetic blocks in place to make them afraid of the fire.

2. Ultraman

In case you haven’t figured out the theme of Earth 3 everyone here is just bad from birth Ultraman was born on the dying Krypton to draw ill 

1. Vampire Batman

In the else worlds Batman and Dracula Trilogy Batman goes up against vampires who have turned Gotham into their home and then eventually Dracula himself