William Jackson Harper has landed in the MCU besides the good place we remember Harper from 824's midsummar HBO Max's love life and Amazon Prime's the Underground Railroad 

now we look forward to seeing him alongside Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly in Ant-Man and the wasp quantumania 

in regular MCU fashion there is a considerable amount of secrecy surrounding exactly what Role Harper is playing and that has led to Rapid speculation by people like me 

now the most obvious guess would be that he's just playing a background character maybe one of the citizens of the civilization came built in the realm 

we've acknowledged that it's a possibility another likely Prospect is a variance either of Kane or Ant-Man

we know that variants can have a different appearance than their Earth 616 counterparts 

so if we're going with the King variant I'm guessing iron lad Nathaniel Richards who is a future descendant of three richers speaking of read Richards 

there is a popular fan casting of Harper as Mr Fantastic he might be playing Earth 616 reed or variant 

lastly he could be playing almost anyone else or their variant I'm pretty sure quantumania is going to throw a little bit of everything at us