Big news coming at us from Marvel Studios and this relates to one of the stars of the Aquaman franchise as Black Manta himself is officially going to be playing the one and only Wonder Man for Marvel Studios. 

That’s right everybody Yaya Abdul Mateen II is officially going to be playing wonder man according to multiple sources  

The big one here is, of course, the big trades that are reporting this and that it’s more or less been finalized but they can’t 100& confirm it. 

people believe that he’s already been cast just like when we heard multiple other castings in relation to what was going on with other roles. 

Essentially they’re just waiting for 100% confirmation from Disney and Marvel that this is in fact true 

Now the actor himself is not that unfamiliar with working in the Comic Book Realm again yeah he’s playing Black Manta Aquaman’s rival in the first film and the second film 

But also he did play Mr. Manhattan in Watchmen which was the HBO version, not the Zack Snyder version 

so it’s kind of awesome to see that he’s honestly you know doing more especially since he’s doing something with Marvel because he’s very talented.