When will the first DC film under the new leadership be released?

James Gunn now taking over the Reins of DC Studios and being one of the co-CEOs.

The big question everybody has on their mind is when exactly can we expect the first project under James Gunn and the new Reign to show up so let’s talk about these expectations and a realistic timetable.

So when looking at the aperture of DC Studios and what exactly can happen and how quickly can it happen there are a couple of things you really need to consider that kind of paint a bigger picture in terms of what exactly the ultimate goal is and how fast can you get to it.

Sure James Gunn and Peter saffron could rush out a project and technically yes it’s under their reign but again what exactly are you showing then?

You’re showing that you’re willing to rush out a project just because it could be rushed out and you’re not really assuring its quality doing the quality control and we don’t know how exactly long it sat there and just stated before you committed to it.

They’re not just going to go in there look at everything and go oh well let’s just put out a bunch of these things that you guys are already developing.

Again they’re going to have to assess everything and find the value in it so when you really think about it James Gunn is already way ahead of this.

He’s already been working on multiple things we know multiple TV shows such as an Amanda waller-centric project Peacemaker season two and whatever follow-up he adds to The Suicide Squad.

So again something directly from him could literally come out in the next year and a half chances are Peacemaker 2 or Peacemaker season 2 will be the first project.

But we’re not going to count that because again that’s something that was in development before this was ever officialized so let’s look at a few parameters we have to set.

One a brand new project that’s been authorized by James Gunn and saffron under DC Studios and two it has to be something that’s green on it once they take the reins.

So in that way, we’re looking at Man of Steel 2 possibly Green Lantern but again this new show that’s getting reconfigured on HBO Max we don’t know where that falls in line and if James Gunn gonna get hands-on on that it sounds like he will.

So if you put all these things in front of you and you look at it realistically I think a good expectation is two and a half years so you’re looking at a project from James Gunn officially in the early part of 2025.

Again he has a four-year contract he started on November 1st there’s got to be gestation time just got to be taking pictures time there’s going to be meeting people and then there’s got to be putting pen to paper and then from paper dish out the actual bills to everybody so they can go make this thing.

I think we’re gonna see a cheaper project under James Gunn hit first and that’s going to be assessing the viability of whatever they decide to do.

I don’t know if it’s Lobo or if it’s Man of Steel 2 or whatever it’s gonna be but realistically early part of 2025 maybe they could squeeze something out in late 2024 but that would again be something that James Gunn has already been active on so you’re looking at something that’s a holdover from before he was ever a co-CEO.

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