Why Doctor Doom Has Been CUT From Wakanda Forever

Doctor Victor Von Doom monarch of slavery and genius-level supervillain is perhaps one of the most ravenously awaited inclusions into the MCU with many fans counting down the days until his inevitable arrival for months it has been widely speculated that his debut will be in the post-credit scene of Wakanda forever.

Revealing that he was the true Puppet Master behind the conflict between Talocan and Wakanda and this was based on leaked previous documentation from Marvel Studios.

Doctor Doom’s debut In Wakanda Forever?

Recently however various industry insiders have begun to claim that Doom’s debut which had been planned for the Wakanda forever post-credit scene may have been cut from the theatrical release of the post-credits scene of Wakanda forever and despite Marvel’s initial plans to introduce the dictator of dumpster.

They have since abandoned this idea in favor of placing him in a different debut project but why exactly is this why would Marvel abandon the debut of one of their most iconic villains so late in the production process?

Leaks And Rumors About DR. Doom In Marvel Multiverse

Well stick with us today Watchers of the Marvel Multiverse and let’s cover not only what the leaks claim but why this might make sense going forward as well as which projects We Believe Dr. Doom is most likely to appear in in the future.

And why perhaps the two most reputable sources are big screen leaks and Rumors online though they are not the only two sources to claim this despite this however it’s important to remember that this is still a rumor as of now and none of this is beneficially confirmed as of yet.

However, it is looking very very likely that Doom was cut from Wakanda Forever. First, let’s begin with what the post-credits most likely would have been and break down a lot of the leaks and rumors regarding Dr. Doom’s debut.

Based on the aforementioned previous shots it seems to reveal that whatever is set to take place between Namor and the kingdom of Wakanda is actually due to the behind-the-scenes manipulation of Doom.

This would mean that the name War most likely has been tricked or lied to with the hope that he might be coasting to ultimately attacking Wakanda with it possible that narratively this is still the case.

If Marvel Studios wrote the script with the intention of Doom being a behind-the-scenes player then the story can still play out the same way only with the reveal taking place later down the line in Marvel’s pipeline.

He may still very well be responsible but we don’t know for sure until he does eventually pop up and debut in the MCU so then why exactly did they cut this scene?

Chadwick Boseman’s (t’challa)

The predominant explanation is due to the nature of this particular film and the circumstances behind its production what sets this movie apart from other Marvel projects in its repertoire is the looming shadow of Chadwick Boseman’s tragic loss.

He has been following this production since his passing and his loss has been felt across both the MCU and the fan base alike due to this it has become quite evident that this film is a love letter to the late actor and this project is more than just a movie.

Source: sportskeeda

Wakanda forever will not only follow the grief of the characters after losing t’challa but it will Chronicle the very real-life grief felt by the actors and crew members who lost a close friend and an icon.

The pain and emotion injected into this film go far beyond simply acting and despite not being present in the movie This film will very much be about Chadwick.

Introducing one of Marvel’s most iconic villains in this of all projects might be done in poor taste and it runs the risk of overshadowing the passion and care put into this movie by so many incredibly talented and highly dedicated filmmakers who are doing this to honor their late friends.

If Doom does make his debut then this would likely be the largest talking point coming out of Wakanda forever rather than allowing the focus to remain on honoring Chadwick Boseman and the Legacy that he’s Left Behind for so many.

Doctor Doom Upcoming Projects With MCU

So if he is still set to make his debut just not in Wakanda Forever then where might he finally pop up in the MCU and where will we see Dr. Doom for the first time?

Well for this there are two primary possibilities as to which project will be the first to feature the mcu’s iteration of Doom and we believe that we can narrow it down.

1. Iron Heart

First, let’s discuss the possibility that he’ll show up in Iron Heart the plot synopsis for iron heart proposes that this project will follow the clashing applications of Science and Magic pitting the two against one another and detailing the Rivalry between them as well as their respective users.

This incredibly complicated conflict would be difficult for most characters to navigate as many falls firmly into one camp or the other technology or magic Dr. Strange Wong and the Sorcerers of Kamaraj fall firmly on the side of sorcery while the likes of Tony Stark read Richards Bruce Banner and many more are definitively dedicated to the practice of science while people like Thor might fall somewhere in the middle.

Source: geekositymag

Doctor Doom however is an avid practitioner of both and is perhaps one of the most skilled users of both talents in tandem with one.

Doom has the scientific prowess to rival the likes of Stark Industries as well as the magical know-how to stand up to many of the Kamaraj’s finest if this conflict is set to be at the Forefront of iron heart then this would be the perfect debut and project for Doctor Doom to appear.

Who seeks to exploit bull skills for his own personal gain this is before even mentioning that Ray Williams herself is making her debut in Wakanda forever and will even suit up at some point in the film carrying the events of Wakanda forever directly into her own solo project.

If Doom was meant to make his debut here then his actions and the events of Wakanda forever might influence the events of iron heart in her series wherein he is already scheduled to make a bigger impact.

2. Armor Wars

The second project and next most likely to debut is the armor Wars film and this is a logical choice for a few different reasons until recently the Don Cheadle-led project was scheduled to be a Disney plus original series following another six-episode Arc instead of making a formal theatrical run.

Now we know that it’s been promoted to a feature film which is left some to ask if is there anything behind the scenes as to why this is one fan favorite explanation is something that armor Wars are big enough to Warrant a theatrical debut.

Source: Wikiofnerds

Some believe this means that Tony Stark will return as an AI program but another popular explanation is that Marvel is planning the debut of the fan-favorite character of Doom in armor Wars.

If Doom makes his debut in the next few months then it stands to reason that it won’t be in a Disney plus series and Marvel would hopefully show Victor enough respect to Showcase him in an MCU feature project.

Tony Stark And Doctor Doom

This is before mentioning the potential box office ramifications that would most certainly result from Doom’s inclusion in armor Wars the plot of armor Wars also helps to support this Theory as it’s set to showcase the ramifications of Tony Stark’s technology being left behind after his demise.

We know that Roadie will have to deal with the aftermath of Tony’s death including tracking down various relics and gadgets which had been stolen and repurposed by various different entities.

While there is no shortage of individuals who would love to get their hands on Stark Tech seeing Doom by one of them and playing as one of the main antagonists Not only would be incredible for fans and also in the universe as well.

Doom would likely be more than happy to collect as many Stark components as he can in order to study Tony’s gear and use it to augment his own using both magic and science in tandem together once again or perhaps Doom will appear as a friend in order to help Rhody and then later turn his back on him later down the line in the Marvel Universe.


What do you think Doom will make his debut if it’s not in Wakanda Forever then will it be an iron heart, armor Wars, or elsewhere in Phase 5 assuming this is true?

Do you think Marvel made the right choice in cutting this scene in order to preserve the emotional impact of Chadwick’s tribute Then Let Me Know In The Comment Below!

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