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“ComicPhase was established in October 2022 to help Marvel fans and non-fans from around the world find their next superhero story or help them keep up-to-date on the latest news regarding their favorite comics and superhero series.

Ben Davis & Zephyr Anderson founded ComicPhase in 2022. ComicPhase is the Most trustworthy & independent Marvel fansite, now serving a huge amount of Marvel enthusiasts annually.

Our site is strictly focused on Marvel only and covers all Marvel Comics, Movies, and News globally, plus several individual countries’ lineups, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

We produce coming soon guides looking at all the new comics and series coming soon to Marvel; we preview upcoming projects, provide daily recaps of what’s new in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and publish exclusive stories you won’t find anywhere else.

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Ben Davis
Founder Of Comicphase

I’m Ben, the founder of Comicphase, a New York-based hub for all things Marvel and a prominent voice in the world of comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). After a decade of immersing myself in the Marvel library, I launched Comicphase in 2022, driven by my unwavering passion for Marvel’s unique world.

My blog, Comicphase, is a blend of my personal experiences, in-depth insights, and a deep understanding of Marvel’s iconic characters and storylines. Pursuing a degree in Media Studies has honed my storytelling and analytical skills, allowing me to offer unique perspectives to both devoted fans and newcomers alike.

My extensive travels to Marvel conventions around the world have enriched my content, establishing it as a go-to source for comprehensive Marvel knowledge. I am dedicated to sharing my enthusiasm and expertise, inviting others to join me in exploring the captivating Marvel universe.

You can reach me at ben@comicphase.com for engaging discussions and expert guidance.

Zephyr Anderson, a passionate writer from New Jersey, has been captivated by the Marvel universe since childhood. With a journalism background and a talent for storytelling, Zephyr offers a fresh perspective on all things Marvel. When not engrossed in comic books or the latest Marvel movies, Zephyr explores the vibrant culture and art scene of the city. With an eye for detail and a dedication to delivering engaging content, Zephyr keeps you informed about the latest Marvel news, comics, and movies.

Eleanor Beth, a dedicated writer and Marvel enthusiast from Nottingham, UK, channels her lifelong passion for literature and comics into the Marvel universe. With a keen focus on character development and storytelling, Eleanor provides insightful analysis of Marvel’s iconic characters and their evolution. Beyond her writing, she explores Nottingham’s historic neighborhoods for creative inspiration. Eleanor’s commitment lies in sharing her love for Marvel, offering thought-provoking insights and the latest updates on the Marvel cinematic and comic book realms.


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