Deadpool vs Captain America Who Would Win

Hey, fellow Marvel maniacs! Today, we’re diving into the epic face-off between two iconic characters from the Marvel Universe: Deadpool and Captain America. It’s gonna be one wild ride, so buckle up and hold on tight!

In this article, we’ll explore their powers, origins, strengths, and weaknesses, and finally, we’ll answer the ultimate question: Who would win in a no-holds-barred battle between the “Merc with a Mouth” and the “Star-Spangled Avenger”? Let’s get ready to rumble!

Deadpool vs Captain America

Deadpool cannot match Captain America’s strength, speed, durability, endurance, mental processing speed, or intelligence as a tactician.

Only longevity gives Deadpool an edge over Captain America. Deadpool is a bumbling combatant and a fool, yet he also has some resourcefulness.

Alright, listen up, folks! After analyzing their powers, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, the answer is clear. Captain America would be the last man standing in this showdown. Now, don’t get me wrong, Deadpool is a force to be reckoned with, and his healing factor is nothing short of incredible. But when it comes to pure combat skills and strategic thinking, Cap takes the cake.

Powers and Abilities


With his regenerative healing factor, Wade can recover from almost any injury. I’m talking Deadpool being turned into a human piñata and still walking away, cracking jokes. Plus, he’s an expert marksman and a master in hand-to-hand combat. Oh, and did I mention his wit? This guy’s humor is as sharp as his swords!

Captain America

Mu, let me tell you, Captain America isn’t just peak human strength; he’s beyond that. The Super-Soldier Serum transformed him into a powerhouse, giving him enhanced agility, speed, and reflexes. Not to forget, he’s the best martial artist in the Marvel Universe, and that indestructible Vibranium shield is his ultimate weapon!

Strengths and Weaknesses


As much as I love Deadpool, he ain’t perfect. Yeah, he can heal from practically anything, but that doesn’t mean he can’t feel pain. He’s been through emotional turmoil too, which makes him a complex character. However, his unpredictability and unorthodox approach to battles make him a formidable opponent.

Captain America

Cap’s sense of justice and honor are top-notch, and he always fights for the greater good. But even our star-spangled hero has a flaw – he’s just a human. While his shield is almost indestructible, his body can still suffer damage. But don’t be fooled; his tactical mind and unwavering determination make him a true leader.

Is Deadpool stronger than Captain America?


Captain America throws Deadpool around after each fight. He isn’t as physically strong as Captain America. While Captain America was made to be stronger than the average human, the experiment on Deadpool impacted his ability to heal rather than his strength. No contest exists.


a former US Army soldier who was discharged for disobedience and a part-time mercenary. Slade chose a superhuman enhancement experiment after learning that he had a malignant tumor(s), which gave him genetically enhanced strength, stamina, speed, agility, senses, and durability.

His most remarkable improvement was his mending ability, which went far beyond what any human could manage; he could even reattach severed limbs or his severed head.

Due to his unstable mental state, Deadpool is a skilled marksman, master swordsman, master of martial arts, and expert assassin.

Captain America

The greatest Avenger and the world’s first known superhero.

A leader in WWII, Captain America was a hero of the war. He was a weakling from birth, but he wanted to fight the Nazis as an infantryman, so he signed up as a test subject for the first Super-Soldier program that was ostensibly publicized.

Captain America was given enhanced senses, speed, agility, stamina, durability, brain processing, and healing factor as a super-soldier.

He can heal non-fatal wounds in a matter of seconds or minutes, and broken bones or gunshot wounds in a matter of hours. His healing factor is not as advanced as Deadpool’s, but it is nonetheless impressive.

The most apparent improvement to his metabolism is that he only requires one two-hour nap each week and can fight for hours without taking a break.

Captain America is a great thinker and strategist, as well as a master martial artist, master shield-wielding, master snoop, and master marksman. He is also skilled with nearly all weapons, including swords, and can quickly adapt to them.

Are Deadpool and Captain America friends in the comics?

Deadpool was recently invited to join the Avengers Unity Squad by Captain America. Although it was a fantastic accolade for Deadpool, it also demonstrated Steve’s ability to see through Wade’s customary lunacy. He made an effort to fulfill Cap’s expectations of him. But ultimately everything went horribly wrong.

Soon after Deadpool joined the Avengers, Captain America changed his name to Captain Hydra. Wade was asked by Evil Cap to murder Agent Coulson.

Deadpool was torn because he wanted to quit being a killer and start becoming a hero. However, Captain America was the one who asked him to do it.

I don’t recall the exact words, but I believe Black Panther once said, “If you’re ever in doubt, side with Captain America.” Basically, he asserts that he will always be on the right side of things, regardless of how much things change. Deadpool even gave Cap a raised gaze. He, therefore, killed Coulson.

The real Captain America doesn’t take that defense anymore. He now believes Wade is a murderer and ought to be put behind bars. Because he allowed himself to put his trust in someone and that person failed him, Deadpool is furious right now. Although it wasn’t truly Cap’s fault, I can understand his perspective.

So, although they were teammates for a little time, they never really were friends. And even though they aren’t and never really were friends, Deadpool once had a lot of respect for him. Then, though? They are essentially enemies now.

How did Captain America react when he first met Deadpool in person?

He was hurt and perplexed. Deadpool was predicted to save the universe because a Powerful creature was traveling across space and mentally controlling every sentient living form, putting them all into a state of mindless happiness.

Wade fled after learning the true stakes. Instead of hiring Captain America to combat the threat, the organization that hired him did so. Unfortunately, Captain America also fell under the influence of the alien.

To have the opportunity to face this threat once he regained his composure, Deadpool had to first defeat an alien champion by the name of Tiamat.

While initially provided with an armored suit, the prophecy depicted him in armor, so after defeating Tiamat, he took his armor and prepared to face the extraterrestrial, who had selected Cap as his avatar. This resulted in the above-mentioned conflict, which featured the universe-saving nut shot.

Steve awoke with no recall of his past, just a sense of confusion about his location, and a World War II medal next to him. He had no recollection of ever seeing Wade, but we later learned that Steve had dated “Blind Al,” a prisoner and friend of Wade.

When they next crossed paths, Steve gave Wade a type of repayment for the kick.


In the end, this battle boils down to a clash of styles. Deadpool’s relentless regeneration and unpredictable tactics are no doubt impressive, but Captain America’s strategic brilliance and peak human abilities make him the ultimate victor.

However, let’s not forget that this is a comic book world, and anything can happen! It’s the journey and the witty banter that make these characters so beloved. So, whether you’re Team Deadpool or Team Captain America, let’s raise our glasses to these fantastic Marvel legends! Excelsior!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Deadpool’s healing factor outlast Cap’s relentless attacks?

You bet! Deadpool’s healing is on a whole different level, making it challenging for Cap to keep him down.

Would Captain America’s shield withstand Deadpool’s swords?

Absolutely! Vibranium can absorb almost any force, so those swords would be like a mosquito bite to Cap’s shield.

Who’s the better fighter?

While both are exceptional fighters, Cap’s military training and combat experience give him the edge.

Can Deadpool’s humor distract Captain America?

It might work against some foes, but Captain America’s laser focus won’t be swayed by some jokes.

What about Deadpool’s fourth-wall-breaking ability?

As amusing as it is, that wouldn’t give him a significant advantage in a physical fight.

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