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Hello, Avatar fans! It’s finally here: Avatar: The Way of Water has arrived after a very long wait. However, we already know a decent amount about the third Avatar movie, titled Avatar: The Seed Bearer.

This article will provide all the details currently known about Avatar 3, including its release date, and will also delve into some plot theories based on what James Cameron has said and how the second film played out.

Please be warned that this blog post will contain spoilers for The Way of Water, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, you can check out our spoiler-free review instead.

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Before we can discuss Avatar 3, it’s important to have already seen the second film. Be sure to leave a comment to let us know your thoughts on Avatar 3: The Seed Bearer and beyond.

Avatar: The Seed Bearer | Avatar 3 Release Date

Okay, so James Cameron has confirmed that Avatar 3 finished filming in November 2022 and is currently in post-production. It is on track for a release date of December 20th, 2024.

While anything can change in the next two years, the release date for Avatar 3 is pretty much set in stone, no matter how well Avatar: The Way of Water performs in theaters.

However, in the unlikely event that it has a surprisingly poor performance, there could be a delay because James Cameron would need to wrap up the Avatar story in the third film, rather than the currently planned Avatar 4 and 5.

Avatar: The Seed Bearer Plot Speculation

Assuming the script doesn’t change due to the poor performance from The Way of Water, we can make some educated guesses about the plot based on the events of Avatar 2 and what we already know about the third film.

James Cameron confirmed that one potential title for the third film is Avatar: The Seed Bearer. He recently mentioned that it will follow the Ash People and depict the Navi in a negative light, with the humans being showcased positively.

This is a direct contrast to most of what we’ve seen in the first two films. At one point early in the writing process, it was stated that the third movie would explore more of the Alpha Centauri system.

James Cameron recently mentioned that we will see new world volts while continuing the story of the main characters. While it’s likely the script changed quite a bit from the original discussion about the Alpha Centauri system.

There’s still a chance that humans may explore more of that star system, potentially to see if there’s a better home for humanity if suddenly the Navi are depicted negatively, which likely means they’re very hostile towards the humans.

Avatar: The Seed Bearer Characters

We also know that Jake, Sally, and Natiri will return, as well as Kiri, their adopted daughter, and Tonawari, leader of the main water tribe from The Way of Water.

Colonel Miles Qualredge and Avatar Form, and almost all the surviving humans from The Way of Water will return as well, with the addition of Michelle Yo as a human doctor and David Thewlis as a Navi, potentially one of the Ash People.

Judging by the end of The Way of Water, it’s likely that Jake’s other remaining children, Tuke, Look, and Spider will return as well.

Kiri’s Arc

Now, let’s speculate based on the events of The Way of Water. Kiri will likely play a significant role in future films due to her connection to AWA and her ability to control plant and animal life around Pandora.

We already saw her use this to fight off the humans, as well as help guide her family to safety in The Way of Water. As she grows more comfortable with her powers, this will likely become a more important facet of her character

The Colonel’s Arc

Colonel Qual Rich will undoubtedly still be trying to kill Jake Sully and his family, while also possibly trying to win over his son, Spider.

Given that the humans will be seen in a positive light in the third film, it’s even possible that Quail Ridge gets some sort of redemption arc, even if only temporarily.

He could even end up saving his son at one point. Perhaps the Ash People look down on all humans, even the ones friendly to the Navi, and they try to kill Spider, who is then saved by his father, helping to mend that relationship

Humans in Avatar 3 The Seed Bearer

We also need to examine what the humans will be doing in Avatar 3. If they’re in fact the good guys this time around, that means perhaps they’ve stopped trying to colonize the planet or are at least trying to work with the Navi in some sort of peaceful migration from Earth.

There was talk of exploring more of the star system, but it’s unlikely we’ll spend much time on other planets or moons. Cameron will mainly focus on Pandora until at least Avatar 5. Even if the humans are the good guys in Avatar 3, it’s unlikely that peace will hold.

Is Avatar 5 the last one?

Cameron has made it clear that, if the franchise makes it to Avatar 5, the plan is for the Navi to go to Earth.

Either they’re going there because Pandora is no longer habitable due to something the humans, or perhaps the Ash People, do in Avatar 3 or 4, or maybe there’s some sort of cosmic event that places the moon in danger of destruction.

However, it’s much more likely that they’re going to take the fight to the humans, perhaps even hijacking one of their ships.

Avatar 5 is a bit too far away to make that call right now, but it’s certainly not out of the question to think the Navi, especially the Ash People, are taking the fight to Earth. Earth is dying, so in a V settlement, there seems unlikely.

Character Deaths In Avatar 3

Given the significant deaths in Avatar: The Way of Water, it stands to reason that there will be at least one or two major deaths in Avatar 3.

Colonel Qualredge seems like a safe bet, especially if he dies to save his son or even the Sully family. That’s a quick redemption for him if Cameron is keen to go that route with the character.

A member of the Sully family already died in The Way of Water, so if another one dies, it will likely be Spider. This would motivate his father, and also Kiri due to their close relationship.

It may even be the motivation Kiri needs to push her new powers to their full potential. Of course, there’s always a chance Kiri dies just like her mother, but that seems more likely to happen in Avatar 4 since she’s just now learning to use her powers.


In conclusion, it’s clear that Avatar: The Seed Bearer or Avatar 3 will be an exciting and unpredictable continuation of the Avatar story.

There are many questions that have yet to be answered, such as the behavior of the Ash People towards the humans, the potential redemption or reconnection of Colonel Qualredge and Spider, and the fates of Kiri, Jake, and the rest of the Sully family.

It will be interesting to see how these storylines develop in the film and how they will shape the future of the franchise.

Avatar 3 The Seed Bearer: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avatar 4 called?

Avatar 2 will be titled “The Way of Water”
The third movie will be called “Avatar: The Seed Bearer”
The fourth will be called “Avatar: The Tulkun Rider”
The fifth will be called “Avatar: The Quest for Eywa.”

How old is Jake in Avatar?

In the first Avatar film, Jake Sully (also known by his Na’vi name, Tsyeyk Suli) is the main character. He is a 22-year-old paraplegic Marine veteran who plays a significant role in the sequel, “Avatar: The Way of Water.

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