Top 10 Grossest Movies Of All Time That Will SCAR YOU

These films push the limits of what is considered acceptable to show on screen and often contain graphic and disturbing content. Whether it’s gore, bodily fluids, or simply unsettling imagery, these movies are sure to disgust and shock even the most hardened moviegoer.

If you have a strong stomach and a love of the bizarre and grotesque, then this list is for you. From classic Horror movies to modern independent films, we’ve compiled a selection of the grossest movies ever made. “Proceed with caution – these movies are not for the faint of heart”.

Are you brave enough to handle the most disgusting movies ever made? From nauseating gore to disturbing scenes, these films are not for the faint of heart. Get ready to experience the grossest movies of all time and test your tolerance for the disgusting and vile.

10. Hostel (2005 film)

I know Hostel like the back of my hand! You can watch this movie on HBO Max and Hulu. Directed by Eli Roth, It s all about two friends, Paxton and Josh who travel across Europe looking for good times.

Well, some random pothead tells them to check out a random hostel in Slovakia It’s filled with good times.

It just sucks that really; the Hostel was a front for an international crime ring that kidnaps tourists so that they can be tortured gruesomely by rich people.

Paxton isn’t the best of people in the world, but he literally Splinter Cell out of the torture compound, saves a random tourist and escapes the country. Paxton is goated on this channel. He’s in the disturbing avengers, the Revengers.

This movie is filled with gore, vomit, and brutality. Let s just say that eyes explode and leak nasty stuff everywhere. is definitely a classic Grossest movie.

9. Martyrs (2008)

it is easily one of the Grossest movies ever. I m going to link Horror Geek s video on Martyrs because as far as I m concerned, you’ll get no better video talking about it.

But you can also watch the movie on Tubi. Directed by Pascal Laugier, Martyrs is one of the darkest and most depressing movies ever.

Lucie escapes from being tortured, growing up in an orphanage with her friend Anna haunted by a demon. Once they are adults, Lucie kills an entire family that was involved in her torture, and soon we learn a secret society is a culprit.

Torturing women gruesomely to accept their suffering all in a bid to use the “Martyr” to learn what comes after death.

This movie is gruesome, the torture of anybody in this movie is extensive and saddening, and the ending is a headscratcher but regardless of what comes after death. Martyrs are one film that will never die as one classic Grossest movie.

8. The House That Jack Built (2018)

Ah, the movie about the gruesome serial killer! You can watch this on Tubi. Directed by Lars Von Trier, the same guy who directed Anti-Christ. The House that Jack Built is all about Jack, a pretentious nutjob who argues his sadism with the roman poet Virgil.

In Five Chapters or Incidents, we see Jack murder old ladies, girlfriends, and children. Taking their bodies to this large freezer and often posing them for photographs.

In a way Jack is like a caricature of various killers, but still his own disgusting character. The ending of the movie is unique in that Jack is taken through the circles of hell by Virgil. Just like Dante’s Inferno.

And let s just say that Jack is a few circles deeper than was intended for him Not that I m complaining. I’d call this a classic Grossest movie, one of the best about serial killers and their mindset.

7. Dogtooth (2009)

Oh lord, my teeth are hurting already. You can catch this on PlutoTV. Dogtooth is a Greek film directed by (sorry for the mispronunciation) Yorgos Lanthimos. It is a story about keeping your children locked away from a society that only spells Horror.

A couple has locked their three Kids away from society and kept them ignorant. They can only leave the home once they lose a dogtooth.

The couple arranges for a lady to lay with the oldest son, but she ends up introducing the outside world to the three siblings, causing the oldest daughter to get rid of her dogtooth as soon as possible.

And let me just say, she literally beats it out and you will feel the pain as you are watching.

This movie has the death of a cat, kind of brutal, abuse of the children, and incest and it definitely is a film I’ll always remember as a classic disturbing movie.

6. Audition (1999)

The audition is so amazing, directed by Takashi Miike we see what happens when the loneliness of two different calibers interacts. Aoyama-san is a widower, who wants to settle down again.

A producer friend of his comes up with the silly idea of setting up a fake Audition for a film when really it s an audition for someone to date Aoyama-san.

Quite a dickhead way to find a date Asami-san gets his attention but she is not…sane. She can’t stand him caring about anybody but her and not only do we see her sad life story, but we see what happens to other people who didn’t fit her requirements.

Like this guy who is seen happily lapping up vomit from a dog dish. Now I will say the movie is quite complex at times, it s not just a simple watch. But that s the beauty of it, you can take the different meanings behind the frames.

And watching this movie and its extreme scenes totally qualify this as a classic Grossest movie for me.

5. Faces of Death (1978)

Faces of Death directed by John Alan Schwartz Faces of Death is the OG pseudo-documentary. It inspired countless real documentaries showcasing real-life death and despair.

Now Faces of Death used to be on Tubi but it might be on YouTube now I don t know. Narrated by Francis here, he tells us all about disturbing things all around the world whether it be dog fighting, assassinations, executions, or the paranormal.

There are some real clips like the aftermath of the Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 182 crash. But there are also clearly fake clips that would leave me guessing if I was born yesterday.

But the point is that Faces of Death inspired a lot of mondo tapes that truly show the most gruesome aspects of life.

4. Traces of Death (Video 1993)

Traces of Death was created and narrated by Damon Fox. Traces of Death, is mostly real death, gore, and injury.

The beginning of the tape itself is there to scare you into not watching further! But if you watch Traces of Death, you’ll see the aftermath of people offing themselves like one guy who did it with a shotgun. They found his brain in the kitchen.

You’ll see real assassinations on camera, race car crashes, autopsies, crime scene photographs, brain surgeries, and gender reassignment surgeries.

Now I’ve not Plagued Moth, I don t have the stomach to watch too much real stuff that s okay Moth, I’ve had enough of my share of real gore as soon as I saw a cartel member eat somebody’s heart!

But the reason I bring this stuff up is that Traces has the death of Budd Dwyer who off himself live on television.

It is the one tape where you are seeing someone alive, and dead all in seconds. Kind of tough. Traces is one of my hardest watches but that’s just me.

3. The Sadness (2021)

The Sadness is a new movie. Like it just came out. You can catch this movie on Shudder And I thought it was pretty cool! Directed by Ku Bei.

The Sadness is a Taiwanese movie that is literally the film version of Crossed. Now I m not the biggest fan of Crossed, especially since it’s enough to take down channels but it was interesting to see someone try and emulate it on film.

It s about Jim and Kat who struggle to stay alive when Taiwan is overrun by infected people. The difference is that these infected literally want to cause the most harm and despair possible.

The Sadness infected, like the Crossed infected will do whatever it takes to make sure you hate the way you die. I’m talking Red Weddings for everybody. You’re likely to be assaulted, cannibalized, and tortured all at the same Time.

The film came out in 2021, so the virus in the movie might resemble how we deal with the coronavirus, but nonetheless, this a gory movie that has many triggers and I think it s a good example of a recent Grossest movie you should check out if you’re a gore fan.

2. The Girl Next Door (2004)

The Girl Next Door is based on a book written by Jack Ketchum which itself is loosely based on the torture and murder of Sylvia Likens.

The movie is directed by Greg Wilson. Cases, where people are tortured horrendously, are usually the most emotional and hard to watch for me. But this is based on the book, not the real event so names are changed, and drama is inserted.

It s all about David and his crush on Meg, who moves in with her aunt after the death of her parents. The problem is that Meg s aunt Ruth is a monster-ridden with internalized misogyny and insecurity.

She lets her childhood abuse, assault, and torture Meg and her disabled sister Susan. Much of this abuse happens in the basement and it takes David a while to help Meg. But it ends up being too late.

And his uncle ben quote is that all that matter is whether he did something at all. Girl Next Door is hard to watch because the case that it is based on is even worse and just depressing.

And it kind of pisses you off and for those reasons, it is one of the book-based movies that definitely fit a classic disturbing movie you should know about.

1. Nekromantik (1988)

Nekromantik directed by Jorg buttgereit is such a WTF movie. It s all about Rob, who works as someone that cleans up bodies after fatal car accidents.

Well, he s hiding a secret he s turned on by dead bodies. He and his girlfriend Betty both share a love for necrophilia.

Soon he and Betty have a threesome with a rotting corpse that has been decomposing for who knows how long It is graphic Well, Rob has all the qualities of someone who would usually kill people.

But by the end, he offs himself while masturbating resulting in the bloodiest discharge until Antichrist.

Nekromantik is one of the grossest movies ever made, but I’d definitely beware of animals being killed. I believe there is footage of a rabbit that is skinned. And a cat is sacrificed but it s not real. But yeah, Nekromantik is definitely a classic disturbing movie.


The grossest movies of all time are a unique and often disturbing subgenre of film. These movies are not for everyone, These Films can be a twisted and unforgettable viewing experience.

If you have the fortitude to withstand it, then take a look at our compilation of the most Disturbing Movies ever made. But be warned, these movies contain seriously nauseating material.

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