HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 Predictions Theories, Book & Release Date

Ok so House Of The Dragon Season One had a big ending and Episode 10 set up a lot of things for the future.

Season Two is rumored to be two years away and if you can’t wait that long then this is the Article for you. Throughout it, we’re gonna be going through what happens in the book, what to expect for the future, and also just our general theories on what the outline of the season will be.

now let’s get into our House Of The Dragon Season 2 predictions. – Ok so Season one actually set up a number of things in its final few scenes. We had Daemon going to Vermithor, Rhaenys flying off and Jacerys also going off on his own mission.

Jace Treats With Cregan Stark

These all have major ramifications for what’s coming down the line and I think that the season will open with us following Jace as he tries to rally support for his mother.

He ends up visiting two locations in The Erry and also Winterfell. Now at the first of these, he meets Lady Jayne who similar to Rhaenyra, is a woman that people don’t really think should be in a leadership position.

There are lots of accounts of their interaction with one even saying that the Lady would swear an oath if Jace could bring her to climax with his tongue. The book’s words, not mine.

Having never married there were a lot of rumors about her sexuality and I think she’s sort of meant to mirror Queen Elizabeth The First from our own history. She sees a lot of similarities in Rhaenyra and basically wants sisters to stick together so she agrees to swear an oath to her. Jace also visits Winterfell and I think this would be a great place to start things off.

The location is of course really iconic when we’re talking Game Of Thrones and it would bring the stars back into the fold after they made a brief appearance at the end of episode 1.

Makes true telling says that Cregan Stark and Jacaerys got on like a house that had just had dracaenas said to it and they became good friends. The work says that the prince reminded the lord of Winterfell of his younger brother who’d died ten years before.

It says They drank together, hunted together, trained together, and swore an oath of brotherhood, sealed in blood. Bad Boys for life. Anyway, there’s also an additional comment by a mushroom that I could possibly be brought into the show. This talks about a girl that Jace ended up marrying whilst he was out there called Sara Snow.

How many Dragons will be in House of the Dragons?

Referred to as a wolf girl, she was said to be the bastard of Lord Rickon Stark and the pair got it on. According to the text: They had spoken their vows in Winterfell’s own godswood before a heart tree, and only then had she given herself to him, wrapped in furs amidst the snows as the old gods looked on.

Now the book does say that this entire character may just be a fabrication but I think that they will lean into it. The series introduced the valerian dagger which wasn’t in the book and with her being called Sarah snow they might try to lean into the whole Jon Snow thing at Winter…look I dunno.

How many Dragons will be in House of the Dragons?
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The origin story is all over the place but ey….that’s just a theory time. Now on the other side of this, we have the stuff carrying over from the death of Lucy. In this book, this started off a major retaliation from Rahenyras side and Daemon promised her there would be a son for a son.

He went to Mysaria and she ended up sending two assassins into the castle. It’s something we’ve talked about in-depth numerous times.

The gist of it though is that the two assassins make Helena choose which of her children has to die. She picks the youngest Maelor and the assassins instead kill the eldest son Jahaerys.

Helena goes insane as she has one son that died and another that knows his mother picked him to be murdered. Helena can’t even be around the children due to the guilt and eventually, these are taken away from her and put in the care of Alicent.

I can see their murder being the big thing that closes out episode 1 and it could bounce off the back of Jace learning his brother is dead whilst we see the consequences of it.

What books is House of the Dragon based on?

It’s pretty much the red wedding of the Fire and Blood storyline and it would be a massive way to start off the new season.

Aemond didn’t know what he was doing, Alicent was just scared her kids were gonna get murdered and Otto, Otto just didn’t want daemon on the throne. He murdered his wife and strangled his next one and that’s why I’m team green baby and why you should be too.

Now Aegon wants revenge for this and continuing this eye for an eye mentality he starts to put his own plan into place. They go to Arryk Cargill and come up with a plan for him to do an old switcheroo.

What books is House of the Dragon based on?

Arryk sneaks into Dragonstone dressed as a fisherman and he goes up to the castle dressed as his brother. The story says that the pair looked so similar that no one could tell them apart and because of this Arryk is able to just walk through the entire location without getting questioned.

He’s instructed to kill a member of the royals but the masters that made the book don’t know whether it’s Rhaenyra or another kid. We never find out as Arryk comes across his brother whilst he makes his way through and the pair end up having a fight.

Guards and onlookers surround them but as they can’t tell either apart they can’t jump in and kill Arryk. It’s said that both told the other that they loved them before the pair duked it out.

As I’m sure you can guess they both dealt killing blows to each other and died during this fight. Now from this point onwards Rhaenyras side really started to gain some ground.

Several lords that had sworn themselves to Aegon started to wonder whether they’d made the right decision and there was very much unrest amongst his followers. So far he’d been trying to just charm his allegiances and he’d been resting on the laurels that because he was a man they’d join him.

Aegon Fires Otto and Makes Criston His Hand of the King 

It was very much Sexism in Kingdom and this lead to a frosky reception once they started to change sides. Criston instilled in him that he some become an attack dog that shows force and this would very much give a warning to those who didn’t support him about what fate they’d be in for if they didn’t stay loyal.

Aegon ended up stripping the hand of the King Badge from his grandfather and he gave it to Criston. Now on the other side of this, we are probably gonna follow on from the events set up by Daemon and Vermithor.

He was last seen going to the caves of Dragonstone in order to sing to the beast that he would be getting a new rider soon. Vermithor was originally a Jahaerys dragon and after the king died he retreated to these caves to live without his rider.

Daemon went to him and he also tried to round up the other dragons on the island in order to strengthen their forces. This was something known as the Sewing though it would later be called The Red Sewing due to all the people that got killed trying to mount the Dragons. Among them was Stefan Darklyn, one of the knights we got to know a bit better in episode 10.

Anyway, there’s a bit where they basically round up all the bastards on Dragon Mount. Sound a bit like Robert Baratheon their bastard but what I mean by this is that this castle was surrounded by villages that the Targaryen royalty used to frequent.

Aegon Fires Otto and Makes Criston His Hand of the King 
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They’d come down from the castle, get drunk and sleep with people in the village and this would eventually lead to several bastards being created. These were known as the dragon seeds and they basically were seen as people who had dragon blood in them so they could mount and ride the beasts.

These were all gathered up and there was an attempt to get as many dragon riders as they could. This is when we will likely be introduced to Hugh Hammer who is a big character in the book.

He ends up being the rider that climbs on the back of Vermithor and this becomes his dragon. Daemon also takes Harrenhaal as a stronghold and this becomes a major location during the war.

Rhaena Follows In Laena And Rhaenys’ Footstep

Now I can see this all taking part in the early part of the season and then getting a big battle in the middle involving Rhaenys. When we last saw her she was flying out on patrol on the back of Meleys and this would protect the Velaryon fleet.

Rhaenys ended up helping out a lot but I can’t see her surviving until the end of Season 2. Rhaenys went to Rook Rest and at this point, the location was attacked by Criston Cole, Aemond, and Prince Aegon.

Rhaena Follows In Laena And Rhaenys’ Footstep
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Meleys had no chance against the other dragons but Rhaenys turned round and still stood her ground. This is probably gonna be the first time that we see Aegon’s dragon Sunfyre who was held back from SEason 1.

Though he was mentioned he was meant to appear at the coronation but the show had this interrupted by Rhaenys. The pair met in the air and fell to the ground with Meleys dying in the attack. T

There was a burned body found next to her that was so blackened that it couldn’t be identified. Aegon was also severely injured during this and it’s said that his armor was melted to the point that it actually fused with his skin. Half of his body was burned and because of this, he had to rest up.

Aemond took up the throne and as season 1 showed us, he does think he’d be a better King. From here I can see the season culminating with the death of Jacerys and therefore the ending of it will mirror the ending of season 1 with his brother.


The book has this happening during an event known as the Battle Of The Gullet. Since Season ones end teased this being protected by Corly fleet I think that the seeds will slowly be sewn for this being a big showdown down the line.

Jacelyn and four of the dragon seeds rode out them and during this fight Vermax flew too low and he was struck by crossbows and grapnels. This pulled the dragon into the sea where Jacerys tried to swim. He clung onto some ship’s wreckage and was struck by crossbow bolts which ended his life.

Now whilst all this is going on Rhaenyra also manages to take King’s Landing but I dunno if they’d have time for that in the season. Who knows though but based on the book those are my thoughts on what we will be seeing next time.

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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