15 Most Underrated Movies On Netflix Right Now

Hey, Everybody, This is Ben and you are at ComicPhase, which helps you get more out of movies today I’m going to tell you about the Top 15 Most Underrated Movies On Netflix.

So this is going to be a list of 15 movies currently included with Netflix that you have probably passed on too many Times these are lesser-known movies that just do not get the respect they deserve I’m going to spend about a minute per movie telling you why you should watch it with no spoilers.

15. Extraction

And we’re going to start this list off all the way at the back and number 15 with a Netflix original starring Chris Hemsworth’s extraction.

In this movie Hemsworth plays a mercenary tasked with rescuing a young boy and spends most of the movie on the run-in-fact there are several very long action sequences that feature long takes or at least the illusion of long takes.

And I was surprised that this seems kind of like a middle-of-the-road action movie and it is for the most part but there are quite a few elements in here that really elevate it beyond that and make it a pretty cool action.

Especially considering it’s in Netflix original because, for the most part, those can be mediocre at best, and somehow extraction managed to be better than most.

14. Berlin Syndrome

If that’s a little too much action for you but you still want something pretty tense I recommend checking out berlin syndrome

In this movie, Teresa palmer plays a young woman who meets a man while she’s out abroad and he is not who he appears to be very quickly she learns she is now trapped inside his apartment and can’t get out and that’s basically the setup

Teresa is always great in everything that she’s in and while this is a more dour sort of dark movie it’s not dark enough to turn most of you off I think most of you can enjoy this it does have a slower pace

It does have a lot of sexual themes in it and it is pretty upsetting at times but I also need to say there’s not really anything else of value about berlin syndrome

It is good if you’re not interested in the setup and the story though the movie doesn’t have enough else for you to grab onto.

13. Cleaner

Now if you don’t know if something happens in your house like a murder or suicide and you get blood and tissue everywhere you are actually tasked with getting that clean and there are people who do this for a living.

In cleaner, Samuel l Jackson plays one of these guys who comes in and cleans up after the police are done with crime scenes sounds like an awful job but things get even worse when this job is used to set him up and he gets sucked into a plot.

He really had nothing to do with Samuel l Jackson is good here it’s a little bit of a dull character for Samuel l Jackson but you’ve also got Eva Mendes and ed harris in this so it’s a solid flick I just know it’s one a lot of people have missed.

12. Wheels Of Fortune

I will switch things up with my next two picks which include an adult comedy and a family-friendly movie Wheel of fortune the former is for adults and it does fit in line with movies like Talladega nights.

It’s a very similar type of humor and it’s not limited to redneck humor but there’s a lot of that in there however the people involved with this movie are all quite funny even if most of them are lesser known.

In fact, the cast of wheels of fortune is so fairly unknown that badger from breaking bad is the main character.

He’s really funny in this but all the supporting casts are really funny this is just a low-budget comedy that’s got a lot of stupid silly stuff in it.

I would never say this is as funny as something like Talladega nights or anchorman but it is in a similar wheelhouse so if that’s your brand of humor definitely check this one out just keep in Mind this is a small movie.

11. Journey 2

But my next pick is actually a big-budget movie starring the rock this is before he was a huge star well he just wasn’t a huge star yet this is actually a sequel to journey to the center of the earth starring Brendan Fraser and they just never got this franchise off the ground.

I’m kind of surprised by this because journey 2 is a cool movie for a family-friendly one but his stepson and Vanessa Hudgens for some reason go on this Adventure to a mysterious island to find his grandfather.

Actually played by Michael Kane but for the family, there are massive adventure elements huge monsters giant lizards bees all sorts of fun stuff.

And I know it kind of flopped at the box office so I’m sure there’s plenty of people watching this that have never seen it trust me the next time you need a good family movie night put this one on.

10. The Vault

So there will actually be two heist movies featured on this list the first is my number 10 pick it’s only a couple of years old and it’s called the vault.

Now for the most part this has a made for tv production but it is 2000 at this point in history that’s not a bad thing.

It actually is a pretty decent production value it’s just a little less than your typical movie and the movie features quite a few really good classic heist setups in fact that’s most of what you get for the first half or two-thirds of the movie.

And then it gets a little bit more fantastical towards the end but that’s also kind of what sets the vault apart there are a lot of faces you’re recognizing again mostly from television but still a solid heist movie just keep in mind it’s my number 15 pick but it is still a fun watch.

9. Felon

The shot caller is an excellent prison movie I’ve recommended a bunch of times it too is included with Netflix right now.

Today I’m talking about another movie that they more recently added felon now this is actually from the same director and his star Stephen Dorf and it’s one of the last good movies Val Kilmer was in before cancer took him out of the game.

I do think this director honed his skills by the time he got to shot caller I Think that movie has a lot more going on in it and it’s packed together tighter than felon but felon still is a solid watch if you’re in the mood for a prison flick.

8. Thirteen Pig

Remember thirteen pig is another one for the family it’s an animated movie but it uses the voices of Chris Rock and Lawrence Fishburn and it’s from the same directors as dumb and dumber.

I’m talking about osmosis jones now not only is this an animated movie but you also get some live-action scenes from a disgusting bill Murray and no I’m not calling bill Murray disgusting.

But in this movie, he plays a very disgusting character and you spend most of the movie inside of his body with these characters voiced by Chris Rock and Lawrence Fishburn David hyde pierce.

There too it is a lot of fun there’s a lot of real dynamic animation and a lot of interesting body stuff that you could talk to your Kids about it is PG-3 going to be some naughty words in it from time to time.

And it can be a little scary at times but still if you’re in the mood for a good family watch and you’ve got some slightly older kids this could be a really fun one to put on all right.

7. Hollow Man

Now I know I’ll get a little bit of hate for my number 12 pick because some people hate hollow man however I think it is an incredibly underrated and somewhat misunderstood movie.

So obviously it’s the story of the invisible man it was updated for the times around 2000 when this came out but what you really get with this is a fun monster movie.

It does try to take itself a little bit too seriously at times for the most part though it’s just a wild sort of sci-fi romp far from the scariest Horror movie.

YOu could watch so it’s a great one to watch with people who are scaredy cats that don’t really like horror because by the time you get to the end, it almost turns into a full-blown action movie.

There are so many big visual effects I generally don’t really go for that stuff with Horror movies I feel like it kind of ruins it but the hollow man keeps everything really fun and exciting all the way through.

Even if it’s not a really good story or anything like that it also features some cutting-edge effects back when this came out and not just because of some of the invisible man stuff.

There is a gorilla that they try to turn invisible towards the beginning of the movie where you can see all of its muscle and internal organs and everything that was pretty wild back when this came out even if some of the effects look a little dated today.

6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

On February 18th Netflix is adding a new texas chainsaw massacre it will be a Netflix original and while that sounds a little bit lame I am familiar with the director so I’m excited to see what he did with that.

However, I still think the 2003 remake is highly underrated now this was not directed by Michael bay but it was produced by him so it has a very high production value this looks incredible which kind of takes away from it.

A little bit too polished however they put a really nice aesthetic to this one I also felt like this one respected the original really well it didn’t try to do anything too crazy.

It took that tone and tried to bring it to modern audiences in 2003 with a couple of things added like the scene with Arleigh Ermey the sheriff terrifying the ever-loving out of these kids.

I loved that scene I thought it was a fantastic addition and Leatherface is good it’s got a lot of great elements in no way would I say this is as good as the original but still for a remake which you normally would just sort of dismiss and overlook this version is an excellent one.

5. Black Hat

I had some not-so-nice things to say about my number 5 pick. I’m talking about black hat which was the last movie he did and as he’s getting on in years it might be the last movie he ever does and it just didn’t quite feel like a Michael Mann movie.

But I’m talking about the man that created heat and a ton of other great movies I love everything this man’s ever directed and black hat just fell short in that category for me.

If I allow myself to forget it’s a Michael Mann movie this is a pretty solid espionage flick you get a younger Chris Hemsworth who plays a criminal released from prison to help track down.

I don’t quite want to say a hacker he’s more of a cyber-terrorist that is launching these massive attacks that are taking lives and causing massive destruction with cyber attacks so they use him to hunt this guy down.

It’s got some fantastic gritty action sequences that feel really raw and real like a Michael Mann movie the story in the script though is just a little bit lost compared to what I’m used to seeing from him.

4. Heist

Another heist movie on this list and my next pick are titled Heist in this movie gene hackman plays a jewel thief which you don’t see very often in movies.

But you also get a great even if it’s a short-lived role from Danny DeVito and sam Rockwell before he was a household name so this movie has a lot going for it it does feel much more real and grounded than the vault.

In fact, it feels like you’re going along with career criminals on this one this one, in particular, is almost 20 years old now.

So I wouldn’t expect anything new or revolutionary to come out of your viewing experience but if you love heist movies and you’ve never seen this one it makes for a solid flick trust me.

3. The Phantom Thread

Netflix has always done a good job of keeping at least one of Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies on their platform I mean boogie nights magnolia the master there will be blood has all been on Netflix within the last year.

And now they have on the phantom thread which is easily one of his least popular movies and I can kind of see why however it’s still Paul Thomas Anderson and there’s some amazing stuff in this movie.

The key one is daniel day-lewis’s last performance now I know he’s had a lot of last performances but this is actually the last one he may do another one but this is the last one that he did.

And it’s excellent because it is very different from a lot of other things that I’ve seen yeah he’s doing a different voice and all that but it’s a very subtle role compared to a lot of the stuff.

He was doing prior to this in his retirement Paul Thomas Anderson did all the cinematography himself and you can kind of tell it’s one of the least beautiful movies in my opinion that he’s ever done but that also interested me it kept me kind of stimulated.

I’m probably going to be in the minority on that one and then there are a lot of elements that are very opposite to my favorite movie of his there will be blood one of them being daniel day-lewis’s performance

But also the story and the way it delivered the climax all felt very very opposite almost intentionally so too there will be blood the phantom thread was a great viewing experience for me it’s just not one of my favorites of his.

2. Closer

My Number SECOND pick is one of the most sex-filled movies on Netflix right now or I should rephrase that there are more discussions of sex and closer than anything else.

I know not as exciting but this is an excellent movie it was actually based on a stage play I believe by the same name, in fact, it is a stage play that helped make clive Owen famous it helped him jump from the theater to the screen.

And not only is he in this movie but you also get great roles from Julia Roberts Jude law and Natalie portman and that’s about it it really focuses on these four people their relationships and how they become intertangled with each other.

This movie can be upsetting as the people are really upsetting each other in it there are a lot of sexual themes in it that’s mostly what the movie is about or at least the themes are sexually natured

And it can be pretty intense especially if you’re paying close attention it’s high drama stuff if you like anything I’ve said about it it is an excellent flick if I have not piqued your interest in my description then this may not be the one for you.

1. Donnie Brasco

We’ll go to my number one pick which is not only consumable I consider it to be the second-best gangster movie to come out of the 90s Donnie Brasco.

The first of course is Goodfellas which just came out a few years before this and you can kind of see some of the influence in fact my understanding is this was actually supposed to be made with tom cruise.

And they didn’t want it to compete with Goodfellas in the same year it got pushed back different cast and what you get is johnny Depp playing Donnie Brasco.

Who is a real undercover agent who infiltrated the mafia very very deeply and you follow him along for the full ride in Donnie Brasco?

You also get a great performance from Michael Madsen it’s one of the best things I’ve seen him in outside of a Tarantino movie.

And then the real big thing here is al pacino’s performance the reason I love his role in this movie is again it’s such a polar opposite to Michael and the godfather here.

He’s playing sort of this powerless guy who’s on the inside who never even got made and he’s kind of washed up and sad in a very different type of person in the mob than Michael.

So it’s cool to see such a good actor like al Pacino explore kind of both ends of the spectrum there and then it’s just a solid movie all around.

If you generally like my recommendations and have never seen Donnie Brasco make it one of the first things you watch off of this list that’s why I put it at number one.

Also, let me know in the comments down below if there’s anything else I need to keep my eyes peeled for.

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