SPIDER-MAN 4 Release Date, Plot & Avenger’s Secret Wars

Fans have been wondering what exactly is Spider-Man 4’s Release Date, and plot going to be about but Marvel Studios and specifically Marvel Studios is President Kevin Feige has been kind of laying the groundwork about what we should expect to see in Spider-Man 4.

SPIDER-MAN 4 Release Date

What seems to be the official release date for Spider-Man 4 in the MCU is July 12th of 2024 and with recent reports about a new Sony and Marvel Studio Disney deal for a new Spider-Man contract almost being complete.

However, some things might be a tad bit misleading let me explain before we really dive into it.

I’m sure the vast majority of the people watching this video right now have seen the post-credits scene for Venom Let There Be Carnage where Tom Hardy’s Venom went to the MCU he then saw Tom Holland Spider-Man on the TV.

Now if you’ve seen that post-credits scene I’m assuming you have seen the post-credits scene for Spider-Man no way home no not the trailer for Doctor Strange 2 but the post-credit scene where Tom Hardy’s Venom then gets taken out of the MCU.

But he leaves the part of the Symbiote behind seemingly setting up the next Spider-Man movie to be about the Venom symbiote.

Venom Symbiote in Avenger’s Secret Wars

However, there have been some reports from some insiders stating that that’s not going to be the case for Spider-Man 4. But Tom Holland’s Spider-Man might actually get the Venom symbiote in Avenger’s Secret Wars.

If this is true it’s kind of cool because this is actually what happens in the comics Spider-Man gets the Venom symbiote the black suit for the very first time in secret Wars.

We’ll talk about this more in a bit but basically, it doesn’t look like Spider-Man 4 is going to explore the Symbiote too much however what it looks like it will explore is the street-level side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This has fans super excited and a big reason for that is it looks like we are finally going to see Spider-Man and Daredevil in the same project.

According to some Insider accounts online it looks like Spider-Man’s no way home is going to pick up after the events of Daredevil born again.

There are even rumors that Spider-Man could possibly appear in the Daredevil series but what makes this exciting is what this all could be setting up for the future of not only the street-level Avengers team but the future of Spider-Man.

It’s looking like Spider-Man is being set up to go against one of the most iconic Spider-Man villains there is and that is Kingpin.

Now concerning the street-level Avengers team we can already see how that’s being set up in the MCU we have Spider-Man of course Daredevil and it looks like She-Hulk is going to be joining that roster as well.

And of course, every Avengers team needs a villain and it’s looking like that ultimate big bad villain of the street-level Avengers is going to be Kingpin and he’s going to be popping up in multiple different projects.

Kingpin the Villan Of Spider-Man 4

He was kind of the main villain of Hawkeye although they didn’t reveal him until the very final episodes if you think he’s dead because Echo shot him in the face well think again he’s not.

This has already been confirmed by Marvel Studios know that Kingpin is going to be the villain of the echo series and also the Daredevil series as well and it’s looking like he could even go on to become the villain of Spider-Man 4.

Now please keep in mind this is not confirmed by Marvel Studios but it is seemingly what they are hinting at Kingpin has already been confirmed to be the villain of three different Series so far Hawkeye Echo and Daredevil.

All of these are street-level projects and kingpins clearly here for the long run it doesn’t seem like they’re going to get rid of him anytime soon but keep in mind at the end of Spider-Man no way home we saw Peter Parker basically gets an entirely new life.

He kind of downgraded a bit, of course, nobody knows that Peter Parker a Spider-Man Actually nobody really knows who Peter Parker is at all so no more friends and no more Avengers at least not for a little bit.

Also, keep in mind the Avengers probably still remember Spider-Man it’s just Peter Parker who they probably don’t know but even then Kevin Feige has confirmed there is no Avengers team right now.

They don’t really exist so the types of crime and the villains that Spider-Man is going to fight are going to be different they’re not going to be on such a huge scale anymore.

They’re not going to be these Cosmic threats like Thanos or these other multiversal threats they’re going to be threats that are right there on the street level in New York and that’s where Kingpin comes in and that’s where the street-level Avengers team comes.

Kevin Feige the president of Marvel Studios made it very clear that the MCU was essentially going to be split into different groups we have the cosmic side.

Which is going to be the Guardians of the Galaxy it’s going to be the Marvels and hopefully the Silver Surfer because recently there’s been a report that a Silver Surfer solo project is in the works.

Then we have the supernatural side now werewolf by Knight set that up along with Moon Knight and of course, we have blade coming when they finally get everything kind of settled over there with that project, and then, of course, we have the street level.

This is awesome because we’re going to see an entirely different side of Spider-Man that we haven’t really seen too much of in the MCU.

Spider-Man 4 is Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

One thing I’m actually really excited about and seeing in Spider-Man 4 is Spider-Man (Peter Parker) being on his own so far in the MCU he’s always been under the wing of somebody.

Yeah, he was kind of on his own and homecoming at the end there when he fought against Walter but for most of that movie he had help from Stark and far from home he still had a lot of Technology helping him out.

He had happy as well and a fake Nick Fury who was really Talos and then of course in Spider-Man no way home he had the other two Peter Parkers and of course doctor strange and we can’t forget about Ned and MJ.

But now he literally has nobody so everything is going to be made by him his suit which we saw at the end of Spider-Man no way homemade by him and hopefully we’ll see other iterations of his suit and his own Technology Incorporated into these suits.

I’m personally really looking forward to seeing more of Peter’s genius side in the MCU now this might actually make Spider-Man 4 a bit darker than we’ve previously seen Spider-Man although Spider-Man had no way home there were some pretty dark Parts.

But if Kingpin truly is going to be the main villain and it is looking that way and Daredevil could potentially join him Kingpin and Daredevil are two characters who are pretty brutal so the fighting that we could be seeing in Spider-Man 4 could be just one another level.

Hopefully, it’s more along the lines of what we got when Spider-Man fought the Green Goblin in no way home.

IS Spider-Man 4 In Sreet Avengers

At the end of no way home, we saw that Peter was using an old police radio to locate crime street-level crime, and eventually, I’m assuming that everything’s going to add up and point toward Kingpin.

Being the head of a huge criminal organization so naturally to stop a lot of the organized crime in New York City Spider-Man is going to want to go to the top and stop them there that’s going to be Kingpin.

And this will most likely fall in line with the stories that are already going to be told through the echo series and the Daredevil Series so all of these things combined are most likely going to be the main plot for Spider-Man 4.

Which I’m all here for I would really love to see Spider-Man go up against Kingpin now for those who wanted the Venom symbiote to trust me I do too but if Tom Holland is returning for another Trilogy it might be best to start off on the street level and watch Peter Parker as he grows.

Spider-Man 4 In Secret Wars

And as I mentioned in the beginning rumor has it that Spider-Man is going to get the Venom symbiote during Secret Wars or possibly even right before it maybe at the end of Spider-Man 4. it could be its post-credits scene.

From here in secret Wars he could use the powers that the Symbiote would give him to fight this multiversal battle this would no doubt give him a lot more strength and other powers that he could definitely use to fight Kang or Doctor Doom or whoever’s going to be the big bad of Secret Wars.

Then in the next film Spider-Man 5, he could deal with the repercussions of having the Venom symbiote attached to him this could also lead to a more comic-accurate Venom.

We could have the comic accuracy of Spider-Man getting the black symbiote suit for the first time in secret Wars then he could reject the suit reject Symbiote and it could go on to find Eddie Brock.

And from here we could have the classic Venom who hates Spider-Man and wants revenge on him that classic storyline in the MCU I think would be absolutely amazing.

So right now the future of Spider-Man is looking pretty dang good we’ll have Spider-Man 4 then we’ll have Avengers the King Dynasty which he’ll most likely show up in and then of course Secret Wars and from there, of course, we’ll get Spider-Man 5 and hopefully 6.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments down below is this what you would like to see in Spider-Man 4 be sure to let me know.

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