Tomb Raider 2 Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything You Need To Know

Tomb Raider 2 was making poor progress, but its cancellation in July 2022 still came as a shock.

There were reports that MGM only had until May of 2022 to make a decision on whether or not to allow a sequel. Hollywood studios competed to acquire the rights to produce a sequel despite the fact that doing so had not been officially greenlit.

If a new Tomb Raider movie does happen, will it be a continuation of the series or a fresh start? We haven’t heard yet if any studio is interested in them. If you want to know all there is to know about Tomb Raider 2, you can find it here.

Tomb Raider 2 Movie Potential Release Date

What happened to Tomb Raider 2? We were first worried when production on the sequel was put on hold in October 2020, but when Misha Green was announced as the film’s new writer and director in January 2021, we thought things were back on track.

After Alicia Vikander’s depressing update in July 2022, it was finally confirmed that MGM had lost the rights to the franchise, therefore killing the sequel.

As a result, TheWrap reports that Vikander is no longer attached to playing the lead role and that the next picture may be a reboot.

Make sure to return any new information regarding the impending Lara Croft film.

Tomb Raider 2 Movie Cast

How many of you will be returning for the Tomb Raider sequel? All indications are that as of this very time, nobody does. Speculation that Alicia Vikander would return as Lara Croft has been put to rest.

It also suggests that none of the stars from the 2018 film, such as Daniel Wu’s Lu Ren or Dominic West’s Lord Richard Croft, will return for a sequel. Kristin Scott Thomas played Ana Miller in the film.

Misha Green was supposed to pen the script and helm the sequel. By May of 2021, she had finished the first draught of the sequel, which she titled Tomb Raider: Obsidian.

However, the most up-to-date details suggest that Green is no longer connected, but she may be brought back for the relaunch.

Tomb Raider 2 Movie Plot

How would you describe the plot of Tomb Raider 2? Everything that emerged after the basic concept that the sequel would continue the plot of the first film rested on that premise. Anything may be thrown out the window, though, if Lara’s next movie represents a fresh start.

However, in the event that the sequel would not undergo a thorough overhaul, here is what we expected to see.

After saving the world and keeping the deadly virus from escaping the tomb, Lara returned to London to work at her father’s business.

However, she soon discovered that Croft Holdings and Trinity, the group aiming to disseminate the virus, were related via Patna, the parent firm of Trinity.

Lara’s mother’s father is partners with Ana Miller, who also happens to be the CEO of Patna. After learning the details of Vogel and Trinity’s plan, Lara learns that Ana worked with them throughout.

Lara purchases the iconic twin weapons from the game’s credits screen and continues her father’s mission to stop Trinity.

The sequel may continue Lara’s fight with Trinity from the first film, or it may introduce Lara to a new tomb and quest that have nothing to do with the events of the first film.

The 2013 reboot of the gaming franchise by Crystal Dynamics had a big impact on the first film, so the sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, might serve as a source of inspiration for the second.

During the course of her father’s research into the secrets of immortality, Lara ventures to the ancient city of Kitezh in search of a mystical MacGuffin known as the Divine Source.

Misha Green has stated, to varying degrees of credibility, that she enjoys playing the game.

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