A Film Crossover Between Marvel and DC Says James Gunn

I am not over-exaggerating in the title it looks like a Marvel vs DC crossover is entirely possible and actually has a chance of happening it could even be in development at Marvel Studios right now.

Of course very very early development in the stages of just being talked about which we actually do have a confirmation of which of course we’ll talk about in this Article but this is kind of the dream of Marvel and DC crossing over Iron Man versus Batman Thor vs Superman Thanos versus Darkseid and we can go on and on Wonder Woman She-Hulk Black Widow Aquaman.

Already Happens Marvel & DC Crossovers In Marvel Comics

All of these awesome characters could be on the same screen together now of course they’ve done this in Marvel Comics we’ve had Marvel and DC crossovers.

We never really thought it would happen on film though however not too long ago and over the past couple of years we’ve heard rumors that they kind of are talking about it over at DC and Marvel.

James Gunn A New Head Of DC Studios

Today we have confirmation that was indeed true and as it turns out things are kind of lining up perfectly for it to happen because James Gunn was just announced to be the new sort of Kevin Feige over at DC Studios.

He is Co-CEO now and obviously, James Gunn has huge connections with Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige they love each other, of course, James Gunn has directed all of the guardians of the galaxies including the holiday special and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

He has done an amazing job with that franchise but he has also done amazing work over at DC directing and writing quite possibly the best things to come from DC like The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker by far is one of the best series and just projects, in general, to come from DC period that show was amazing and that’s James Gunn.

An old interview that James Gunn did with Jake’s takes for The Suicide Squad is re-emerging because in this interview he confirmed that there have been talks about doing that crossover and now James Gunn is Co-CEO of DC Studios.

This means the Marvel DC crossover has a very real chance of actually being made listen to what James Gunn said in this interview with Jake takes about his thoughts about a Marvel DC crossover film.

Be happy to do a Harley Quinn and Groot movie that would be exciting for me and not only have I thought about that but I've actually talked about that to the heads of both Marvel and DC but you know it's like they you know everybody's open to everything but whether anything would ever happen who knows but the idea of being able to bring uh Marvel and DC together in a movie is that would be really fun for me and I know it's exciting for even the heads of Marvel and DC to think about Kevin Feige over Marvel and Toby Emerick over at Warner Brothers like they're you know it's something we all like to dream about whether we could ever get through the barrage the Berlin Wall of lawyers we would need to get through to ever make something like that happen I don't know but it would be a blast.


James Gunn With DC & Kevin Feige With Marvel Crossovers

So as you just heard this is something that James Gunn actually wants to do and has brought up to both heads of Marvel Studios and the head over at Warner Brothers.

But the only difference now is there is a complete change in leadership over at Warner Brothers in fact it is now Warner Brothers Discovery and they have now created a separate entity titled DC Studios that’s the name of this new company.

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James Gunn has recently been named Co-CEO of DC Studios and rightfully so like I mentioned before he has done amazing work for DC not only that but he has worked extremely close with Kevin Feige over at Marvel Studios making amazing films and directing the amazing Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

So this is quite literally perfect for not only our fans because now this has the chance to actually happen but for James Gunn.

James Gunn said both people in charge of Marvel and DC slash Warner Brothers were open to it but now he is one of the only people who could actually make the call to make this happen and he has publicly stated that he wants it to happen and has even brought it up before in the past.

Kevin Feige And James Gunn Worked Together

The fact that he and Kevin Feige have worked together for many many years is fantastic because this means that they love working together I’m sure they learn from each other.

Since they get along well and typically share some of the same Visions getting over all of that legal stuff won’t be exactly too hard because it’s easier when you’re with somebody you like.

And Kevin Feige has stated many times in the past before and so was James Gunn that the studios get along they root for each other they are not against each other by any means and it’s not like Marvel wants the Justice League to fail because they have the Avengers or vice versa.

In fact, it’s been stated many times that Kevin Feige has called the people over at DC and congratulated them on some of their successful films.

Marvel DC crossover is Real?

This is now incredible news because the possibility of having that Marvel DC crossover is incredibly real and although this is extremely new James Gunn just became Co-CEO over the past couple of days.

The fact that he’s brought this up before means that he most likely will bring it up again and bring it up to his old buddy Kevin Feige over at Marvel Studios.

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so while I don’t think that it’s going to happen anytime soon I do think it is a possibility for the future especially with Secret Wars coming up and keep in mind we are in the Multiverse Saga.

I even stated way back before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness came out that I thought it was going to travel into just so many more universes than we actually got that it was possible for them to go into a DC Universe and we could have even seen Batman or Wonder Woman.


Obviously, that didn’t happen and the movie was on a much smaller scale than a lot of us thought it was going to be but it’s possible now which is super exciting to think about.

I’m not saying Batman’s going to show up in secret Wars that’s not going to happen but a crossover film could definitely be in our future and I’m really really excited about that and I hope it happens sometime within the next few years heck.

I’d be excited if it came out before I died but let me know how excited you would be for this in the comments down below let me know all your thoughts.

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