Henry Cavill Officially Confirms He Returns as SUPERMAN

if you’ve seen Black Adam then you know who appears in the end credits of the movie but if that wasn’t enough the man himself Henry Cavill has confirmed his return as Superman and has teased that there will be more to come.

Hey everyone welcome back to our movie news Henry Cavill has just released his official confirmation video that he is back as Superman this is what he posted on Instagram.

Hey everyone I wanted to wait until the weekend was over before posting this up because I wanted to give you all the chance to watch Black Adam but now that plenty of you have I wanted to make it official that I am back as Superman and the image you see on this post and what you saw in Black Adam is just a very small taste of things to come so uh there’s a lot to be thankful for and I’ll get to that in time but I want to thank you guys most of all thank you for your support and thank you for your patience I promise it will be rewarded

By Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is back as Superman It Confirmed

There we have it Henry Cavill is back as Superman and confirms that Black Adam was just a taste of what’s to come I saw news circulating the other day that he had just signed a one-picture deal for Black Adam.

Henry Cavill has squashed that rumor with this video he is back as Superman and a Superman solo film is in the early stages of development at Warner Brothers Discovery.

This is a day we thought would never come you can tell that Henry is so happy with his return and is so grateful for the Fan’s support that he said our patience will be rewarded and to me, that means a solo film will 100% happen.

When that will be released and what it will be about is up in the air right now but the main thing is that Henry Cavill is back for more than just Black Adam this is just the tip of the iceberg looking at the image he included in this post.

Man Of Steel

We can see the man of steel suit with slightly brighter colors and I think it looks great we have the Superman flick in his hair which I think improves the overall look of the character it wasn’t a must for me but I do like the addition of it and the best part of this suit, in my opinion, is that there are no trunks on the outside for me that is extremely outdated and I would not be able to take him seriously if he was wearing them.

It worked for Reeves but that was in a different era this Superman is a modernized version in a modern world and the trunks are a very out-of-date look for Superman in my opinion.

Source: thetealmango.com

I’m very happy that this suit does not have them some more great news is that Danny Garcia Henry Cavill’s manager took to social media to celebrate his return and used Han Zimmer’s Superman theme not John Williams’s.

Now what I find so interesting about this is that she could have used the Williams theme which is one of the most iconic pieces of music of all time and was used in Black Adam but she purple usefully used Zimmer’s theme to me also confirms that we will hear that theme again.

Superman’s return To DCEU

Why would she promote Superman’s return and purposefully use the DCEU Superman theme if we were to never hear it again it will be back and I cannot wait to hear it.

DC fans just keep on winning I know I say that a lot in my videos but it’s true a new company is in charge where that listens to the fans and a month before the film is released they bring in Henry Cavill Superman for the end credits scene and now Henry Cavill confirms that he will be back for more.

I think a lot of credit has to go to the Rock and his team though they were the ones who asked Discovery to bring Cavill back and they obliged so as grateful as we are to Discovery for allowing Cavill to come back the Rock and his team had a large part to play in this too they were the ones calling for this for six years and didn’t give up.

ROCK IS trying Hard To Back Henry Cavill As Superman In DCEU

Until a month before black Adam’s release, we should be equally grateful to Warner Brothers Discovery and the rock and his team for bringing Henry Cavill back as Superman.

We should also be grateful to each other without us the DC fandom Henry Cavill wouldn’t have returned we showed our support for Henry Cavill and Superman without that The Rock wouldn’t have gone to Warner Brothers and Discovery wouldn’t have allowed the Cameo to happen because our fans showed our support and demand the studio listened and acted upon it.

Source: Denofgeek

I think that’s something people are really underestimating the Rock said it ever since the Black Adam interviews began to listen to the fans and they will guide you he listened to the fans he got Cavill back and now the DC fandom is celebrating his return.

Unfortunately, some fans aren’t happy with what The Rock has said in a recent interview but I think it has been misunderstood Screen Rant said in a recent interview with the playlist that Dwayne Johnson discusses what he hopes to see in a Black Adam too.

Citing the host of DC references in the movie Johnson reveal knows that he has ambitious goals for the future of Black Adam saying he hopes to see his character interact and fight with basically all the other major DC Superheroes.

DC superheroes & Black Adam

He said man I would love that on our end I and my producers feel this is why we acknowledged all the other DC superheroes in Black Adam even through those scenes with all the posters and of course through real characters.

In our world we acknowledge everyone in the DCEU and they all should cross over they should interact should team up and they all should fight for me it is all a possibility I wouldn’t close that door we don’t on our end at seven bucks we don’t close the door on any of that.

I gotta tell you the thing I like the most that give me the most gratification about Black Adam is ultimately what we have done with the film is just listening to the fans.

Now, this has got quite a few fans angry at the prospects of the DCEU just being the Rock fighting any DC character as he wants to but I think it may have been an overreaction and I’ll explain why.

Black Adam Sequel

The question was apparently asking about what the Rock would want to see in a Black Adam too and his answer to me feels like he isn’t just addressing a Black Adam sequel.

I feel like he’s talking about the DCEU in general as well he says in our world we acknowledge everyone in the DCEU and they all should cross over they all should interact should team up and they should all fight.

He doesn’t directly say that they should all team up and fight Black Adam instead just says they should all cross over so I think the initial question was now about Black Adam but I think the Rock’s answer swayed towards talking about the entire DCEU general.

End Credit Scene Of Black Adam

The end credit scene of Henry Cavill’s Superman is setting up a Black Adam vs Superman film but The Rock has said that that isn’t the next step in the story that is something to build to so he’s not just wanting to bring back Superman to have him fight Black Adam.

Instead, he knows that Superman should have his own story too and allow the DCEU to develop further before these huge fights happen so I think he thinks the same with every other DC character I don’t think he is only focused on having every DC character take on Black Adam.

Source: imdb

I think he just wants to have a connected and integrated Universe where these characters feel like they’re all in the same universe.

By having them cross over and team up and fight then you create that connected Universe which is something that I’ve always wanted and something that has been missing from the past few years at DC.

So I don’t think the rock is just focused on having as many characters as possible taking on black Adam I just think he has really big Ambitions and goals for the DCEU that have been misinterpreted based on the question asked in the interview.

Of course, if he actually wants every DC character to take on Black Adam then I don’t want that to happen and I wIll push against it but I really doubt that is what the Rock is planning to do at DC.

Black Adam Box Office & Multiverse Of DCEU

Watching Black Adam gave me faith that the DCEU will be heading in the right direction and it seems that the box office numbers agree Black Adam has made 140 million dollars at the global box office so far and is at 67 million dollars at the domestic box office which means it falls right next to Aquaman’s 67.8 million opening domestic box office.

If it can keep this up we would be looking at a really financially successful movie so I wouldn’t Panic about what the Rock Is said he knows that fans don’t just want to see Black Adam fight every character in The DCEU and I’m sure all he meant was that he wants an interconnected Universe.


What we should focus on is that we are getting more Superman projects in the future with Henry Cavill he has confirmed it and we should be celebrating that DC is in good hands and we are going to have an interconnected Universe once again where there will be no more headless cameos instead the actual actors will be there to represent the hero they are playing the future of the DCEU is very bright.

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