Are the Ten Rings Kang Tech?

The most recent Ant-Man and the WASP Quantumania trailer has given us our closest look yet at the imminent arrival of Kang the Conqueror as well as his technology.

As the next overarching threat to the greater MCU we are slowly uncovering more information regarding this Infamous Tyrant and recently one Discovery seems to connect to none other than Xiang Chi one of the most critically acclaimed projects of phase 4.

Shang-Chi And Kang The Conqueror

While we know that Shang-chi has met with the likes of Bruce Banner and Carol Danvers his formal initiation to The Avengers roster and his future Beyond phase 4 has been left largely ambiguous.

But now we might have some more clues as to what role he is set to play thanks to Quantumania so stick with us today Watchers of the Marvel Multiverse and let’s dive into the connection between Xiang Chi the Mandarin and Kang the Conqueror as well as explore why this might prove to be incredibly important in the coming years.

This Theory stems from one seemingly innocuous shot from the Ant-Man and the WASP trailer which Bears a striking resemblance to the 10 Rings given the Stark similarities between these rings from the trailer.

Are 10 Rings From Shang-chi?

And the 10 rings from Shang-chi it seems as if the Rings themselves might be derived from either quantum technology or even Kang Tech or perhaps a mixture and amalgamation of both.

One important distinction to make however is that we don’t know as of yet where this shot takes place this might be Kang’s domain but it also might belong to krylar and his people and although it helps to narrow down the origin of the Rings it still leaves some ambiguity regarding who created them.

History & Origin Of WenWoo

This also helps to fill in many of the other blanks regarding their history and their origin as it is largely a mystery even with wenwoo. Wen Wu wielded them for the greater part of the last Millennium.

Let’s first discuss the possibility that they belong to krylar before delving into whether or not they might be Kang Tech and ultimately addressing how the Rings might ultimately alter the course of history for phase 5.

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If this technology belongs to krylar then it would indicate that their civilization is not as isolated as they were once led to believe as the Rings are proof of contact with the mainline universe as of now we don’t know very much about this city aside from the fact that it’s taking influence from both chronopolis and the quantum Zone from the original comic material.

Quantum Realm

But their technological capabilities governmental system and future are not yet known since the city is located within the quantum realm and we know that the quantum realm exists outside of time and space.

Then it makes sense that they could have ended up in ancient China regardless of how old the civilization actually is as chronopolis can access anywhere on the time stream so long as someone knows how to properly navigate it.

Where Is Kang’s Home

If they belong to Kang however which we believe is more likely and we’re forged at some point in the distant future then it actually had significant ramifications for the future of the MCU or rather the past of the MCU this connection if it’s true would all but prove that Kang has already been to Earth and the mainline 616.

The presence of the Rings is firm evidence that Kang’s previous Adventures have taken place in the mainline Universe showing that this universe has already been visited and Kang might have r already had adventures and maybe even conquests of his own in this universe.

One prominent theory is that the Rings once belonged to Rama Tut a Kang variant who ruled over ancient Egypt long before the Modern Age It’s not unreasonable to believe that the Rings could have made their way East along with the Silk Road or perhaps another prominent trade route that existed within the MCU.

Eternals In MCU Multiverse

And since the Eternals have helped to spread the technology throughout the world it might help to explain how they traveled so far we know that the presence of advanced technology is nothing new for the past of the MCU.

As the Asgardians Greek and Egyptian gods have all left relics and tools on Earth over the course of thousands of years and this has had significant ramifications for not just human development but likely would have helped communication and travel rather than delving too heavily into the past right now.

What Is The Future Of 10 Rings?

Let’s discuss the future of the 10 rings and how they might be connected to Kang’s Invasion during the post-credits scene of Xiang Chi we learned that the Rings are sending out a signal of some kind having activated a beacon of sorts to win as of yet unknown destination likely back to their point of origin.

Until now we largely were led to believe that they might have been calling back to make 4 which was their point of origin in the comics and many fans believed that they were simply calling out to another planet entirely neither Wong nor Carol Danvers recognized the technology or the energy indicating that it is not from Earth nor is it from anywhere in space that Danvers recognizes.

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While this doesn’t outright mean that the Rings are not from space it doesn’t incentivize us to look elsewhere as we previously knew that it wasn’t Cree scroll or Nova technology simply because Carol Danvers does not recognize it.

Where From The 10 Rings Comes From?

And that the 10 Rings may not have come from space but from the future, this new connection however might indicate that the Rings are sending a signal down to the quantum realm which explains why nobody present had any idea what the signal was doing.

Given the newest trailer, however, we now understand exactly why sending a beacon into the quantum realm is not a good idea upon learning that Cassie is transmitting a signal into the quantum realm Janet immediately shuts it down fearing the ramifications of doing such a thing presumably.

She is worried about the arrival of Kang following the beacon through the quantum realm but if the Rings are doing the exact same thing then they might be the initial draw for the MCU as the first Kang Invasion.

Ant-Man Next Project

If the next installment of the Ant-Man franchise dives into the ramifications of Colin Kang out of the quantum realm then we might come to learn that all of their worst fears are about to come to full fruition and Xiang Chi might be responsible for Kang’s first arrival in the mainline MCU.

this would draw him into the fight and place him firmly alongside veteran Avengers as the new saga commences not to mention it also appears as if Miss Marvel‘s Bengals also are Kang technology as they also closely resemble the ten rings as Well as Kang Technology and have a strong indication that all of them are related.

How she got there though is currently unknown however I find it highly likely that Kang is responsible for the creation of this technology and his ability to jump across space and time into different multiverses may have resulted in the 10 Rings being found by Wen Wu.

Exactly how the technology made its way to wen Wu as well as Kamala is completely unknown at this point in time but again the similarities and what we know about Kangs so far it’s simply too much to be a coincidence and it’s likely that the ramifications of a Kang have been felt across the Multiverse already in reaching directly into the mainline MCU.


What are your thoughts on when Wu’s 10 Rings actually derived from Kang Technology rather than from a Kang variant such as Rama Tut who has already been to the mainline MCU and conquered ancient Egypt or whether or not somewhere on the timelines?

The Rings were able to reach ancient China thanks of course to the properties of the quantum realm.

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