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Wakanda forever’s theatrical release is quickly approaching and from what we’ve seen so far it looks like it’s going to be quite a ride the movie will be expanding on Old characters and introducing new ones and one of the Marvel villains being introduced into the MCU is a Tuma.

Who is an enemy of Namor in Marvel Comics and could be the true Big Bad by the end of Wakanda forever or at least one of them because our bet is still that Dr. Doom will be the true Puppet Master behind events in the movie?

Origin Of Attuma’s | Is Attuma in the MCU?

Either way the Wakanda forever trailers have given us our first live-action look at Attuma and many of you are likely unfamiliar with him outside of his appearance in The Avengers Assemble animated series.

So let’s dive in shall we a Tuma first appeared in Fantastic Four issue 33 in December of 1964. And like most of the Marvel Universe, he was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

In the character’s first appearance, he was such a force to be reckoned with that the Fantastic Four had to team up with Namor the Submariner to defeat him.

Overall it’s a pretty solid reed however his origin wasn’t given to us in that issue the best recounting of Attuma’s origin actually didn’t happen until decades later in fear itself the worthy issue six.

That issue starts with a caption saying deep within the ocean beyond the outlying borders of the fabled Atlantis a battle rages.

We then see a tumor yelling rook your army Falls your fate is sealed when Attuma attacks death strikes swiftly as we see a Tuma’s army battling Roark a tumor then asks do you remember me Almighty and slaver of women and children Roarke answers Attuma my wits are as sharp as the sword destined to find your heart.

Well, do I recall the promised one the Conqueror to come many a year has passed since I first saw you and at this point, a flashback begins of Roarke accounting the tumor’s origin?

Kingdom of Atlantis

As we move to the past we see warrock tell his soldiers according to the ancient prophecies a warrior will rise from the tribe of Skalka and take the kingdom of Atlantis by force.

A true warrior makes his own fate if Atlantis must kneel it will be to Roarke back in the present Roarke continues to explain we soon put the Warriors to the sword and enslaved all the women and children all saved once.

We then see a young and enslaved Attuma as his captors say never have I heard such Fury from one so small he was born during the battle but his mother did not survive.

Another asks what is clinched within his tiny fist the soldier answers great Neptune it’s a clot of blood stolen from his mother’s heart we then jump back to the present where Aurora continues narrating saying a wiser Warrior would have honored such an ill Omen and immediately slit your throat.

Instead, I kept a weary eye watching as you grew within the ancient mines While others withered and perished under the slaver’s Yoke you seem to thrive the sea god smiled upon you over the years increasing your strength cunning, and ruthlessness until you led a slave revolt and fled into the murky depths.

With your scarce brethren, you eventually raised an army that numbered in the thousands and Unleashed a tidal wave of blood and misery.

Is Attuma Enemy of Namor the Sub-Mariner?

Time and again you sought to prove the prophecies and Seize the Throne of Atlantis it is said that your strength and power can only be rivaled by a Prince’s name or the Submariner but your savagery knows no peer.

So great is your ambition that you have even attempted to conquer the surface world but have been repeatedly driven back by its Mightiest Heroes.

We then see a Tuma answer saying all you say is true Roarke but I have never forgotten you, Roarke, then replies I know my life is forfeit but I beg you to show my people Mercy the same Mercy I once granted yours Tomba stares at him and responds Mercy.

Mercy Is For Fools and cowards never again shall a Tuma suffer his enemies to live and with that hardcore statement we have a Tuma’s comic book origin which is definitely one way to introduce a villain I mean the guy did build an army which is promising in and of itself.

So now we’ve covered a tumor’s origin where he becomes the Barbarian chief of Skalka and thinks he’s the one who should rule Atlantis making him a sworn enemy to name or the Submariner which in turn should give us an idea of where they could take the character in the MCU.

But now let’s go over his powers and abilities to see how much of a threat he could be to the heroes in the MCU.

How strong is Attuma Marvel?

Attuma is of course an Atlantean which enhances many of his physical abilities and like his brother Namor he’s a mutant on top of that.

He can survive both on land and underwater while most Atlanteans can only stay on land for a short time without the aid of a device.

Attuma has enhanced strength and can lift around 60 tons he has superhuman speed agility and reflexes and is able to swim so much faster than normal Atlanteans he Rivals Neymar.

His durability is pretty intense too his mutant and Atlantean physiology makes him pretty much invulnerable to nearly all physical injury.

For instance, his skin is bulletproof to most high-caliber rounds and he can fall from extreme Heights with no harm he’s also been seen to take on energy attacks and concussive blows without much injury.

In addition, he has enhanced senses like hearing sight and smell, and of course, he’s a highly skilled Atlantean Warrior known for turning the ocean waters red with the blood of his victims being an expert in hand-to-hand combat as well as an expert swordsman just some of the tools he brings to battle.

Overall Attuma is a skilled Barbarian warrior with a long list of enhanced abilities the dude is a force to be reckoned with me for one am extremely curious to see how big of a role Attuma is actually going to play in Wakanda forever.

Because based on what we’ve seen from the trailers thus far it seems like a big aspect of the film is going to surround Neymar and his people turning against Wakanda.

Which is something that could be set in motion by an Attuma who has ulterior motives for war.

I mean we know that Tuma is one of the main villains in the movie but we’ve only seen one or two brief glimpses of him in the trailers.


So either he’s a trojan horse or they’re finally starting to get back to the art of not giving everything away in the trailers regardless all of us here definitely think Marvel is hiding some big reveals for Wakanda forever and we hope one of them is Doctor Doom.

But no matter what happens we’re excited to see what Tuma’s actual role will end up being I just hope he’s not another MCU one-and-done villain and that he survives to be used again in the future.

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