All Quiet on the Western Front Netflix Movie Review 2022

If you like masterpieces like Saving Private Ryan and 1917 you will love All Quiet on the Western Front.

This film is currently streaming on Netflix it is a masterpiece and even if you don’t like War films it’s bigger than a war film.

This is about the journey and about resilience and about personalization and a common-of-age story that will you’ll never forget.

Here’s my review of All Quiet on the Western Front as the Oscar race heats up we’re beginning to get a real sense of Which films will dominate the 95 Academy Awards at least denominations.

And I get the sense that All Quiet on the Western Front which Germany has submitted for an international best picture feature film.

I get the sense that this will get as its predecessor from 1930 which was the third-ever Best Picture Winner in 1930.

I think that this one will be nominated for best picture it’s definitely one of the best pictures of the year.

It’s beautiful the cinematography in this film is so beautiful the score is the best score of the year so far it is the hauntingly beautiful score at its core.

All Quiet on the Western Front is a common-of-age story about a young Soldier now this Soldier Paul is in high school and he and his friends listen to um these speeches that really indoctrinate them or fire them up really into volunteering for World War.

One joined the German Army in World War One and as the film unfolds as the story unfolds we see um how they grow into men really and become proselytized really into sacrificing their lives and their youth for war.

They know nothing about what I love most about this film is the stark contrast of how these soldiers are putting their lives on the front lines for this war.

They really don’t understand while the leaders are in the Comforts of their homes their palaces their residents their trains and first-class like they’re enjoying the Comforts of life and excess.

And making these decisions over land really these decisions for these soldiers who are sacrificing their lives and it’s as if they just don’t care and it’s all for land.

They’re so removed from the battlefield and by that I mean they’re so removed about how Bloody it is and director Edward Berger does a fantastic job showing the remnants of War.

The cinematography is so beautiful these gray Hues and this green and the white snow I mean it’s such a beautiful film.

The Northman is still my favorite film of the year but this is neck and neck with it um and I think this film because of how much of a masterpiece it is visually should be seen on the big screen.

This should have had a wide theatrical release now I stream this on Netflix it is in German with uh English subtitles and overdubbing and even the voice-over actors.

I think they did such an exceptional job putting feeling into uh the actors um their performance I did.

I think the voiceover actors did a great job with Felix’s camera I know he’s a newcomer this is I think his second film feature film this actor is so convincing as this young kid who’s not even supposed to be in this war.

And who forged documents to volunteer how he grows his journey from high school and getting in and volunteering to please his mother because his mother thought he didn’t have this in him following his journey to being so fearful as a soldier to becoming a killer he has these Killer Instincts and even when the war is over and his Commander doesn’t want it to be over the last 15 minutes of his journey.

Wow, you have to see this movie this movie is so exceptional film is worth your time and is streaming on Netflix right now.

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