Avatar: The Seed Bearer | What Can We Expect From Avatar 3

Due to the tremendous success of Avatar: The Way of Water, which is quickly approaching the impressive milestone of $2 billion at the worldwide box office, James Cameron’s franchise will not be ending with its third film, contrary to initial plans in the event that the new production did not perform well.

With the knowledge that the next installment will contribute to the franchise’s growth, you can have a clearer picture of what to expect from Avatar 3 Moving forward.

With that, this article highlights the directions that the franchise can follow in Avatar 3, which according to a BBC report, will be called Avatar: The Seed Bearer.

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New Villains | Who is the villain of Avatar 3?

James Cameron has already stated that the “People of Ash,” who dwell in a hot, volcanic setting, will be featured in Avatar 3. These Na’Vi will be shown as the more sinister part of the alien race.

Therefore, it is very likely that Avatar 3 will show for the first time a more political dispute between the Na’vi, after having lightly flirted with it in The Way of Water.

After all, the “ People of the Ashes ” have enough reason to distrust Jake Sully, who, in addition to bringing death to the people of the water, is not a true Na’vi, given his human origin.

Tonowari, leader of the Water People, may also not have a favorable reputation among the Na’Vi of fire because of his role in protecting Jake, the former leader of the Forest People.

Civil War in Pandora

The Avatar franchise can take a much-needed respite from the standard human-versus-alien plot with the introduction of the Fire Na’vi and all the possibilities highlighted in the previous chapter.

Civil War in Pandora

Avatar 3 could start a major civil war on Pandora, which if done well, will take the franchise to a much more complex place for the two films that will come after it.

After all, this franchise would break new ground by revealing that the Na’vi are not always getting along.

Spider’s Arc Development

Spider‘s future is a big question mark, especially after he forges ties with the Na’vi that carry the memories of his biological father, Quaritch.

The young man decided to save the villain’s life, who indirectly collaborated with the death of Neteyam, the eldest biological son of his adoptive parents, Jake and Neytiri.

As a result, the upcoming film will have to address a crucial question: Will the Sully family discover that he saved Quaritch? What will be the responsibility of everyone involved?

Considering that Neytiri doesn’t show as much love to his adopted human kid as he does to his own children, Spider could be cast out as a traitor and end up living with his biological father.

Another interesting possibility is that he is a means by which Quaritch can find his redemption, helping the villain to get closer to the Sully family.

Quaritch Redemption?

That’s a word of caution worth keeping in mind when discussing the arc of Quaritch’s character in the Avatar franchise. After all, the protagonist caused a lot of trouble for the hero.

In Avatar 3, Quaritch has not one but two establishments. The first is that the Colonel from the first film is actually a Na’vi whose memories have been implanted. Also, he had nothing to do with killing Neteyam.

Quaritch Redemption?

Speaking necessarily of the fact that this version of the villain is a Na’vi, it is important to point out that he studied the customs, and the language, and even connected with the nature of Pandora in the midst of his journey of chasing Jake. Soon, the new Miles Quaritch is much less human than his memory accuses.

Furthermore, the introduction of the “ People of Ashes ” may facilitate this redemption, as greater evil may arise for part of the Na’vi, who may end up being forced to work together with humans.

But the second film seems to create the framework for it to happen, and any theory including redemption is bound to be divisive.

Is Kiri The Seed Bearer?

Kiri‘s true origin is one of the mysteries that O Caminho da Água insisted on not answering.

We only know that the character of Sigourney Weaver is different from all the Na’Vi presented so far, not only because she has “ powers ”, but also because she was born in a mysterious way through the body of Doctor Grace‘s unconscious Avatar.

Kiri‘s relationship with Eywa (Pandora’s ultimate entity) should be a major theme for Avatar 3, which might even justify the supposed subtitle The Seed Bearer.

Obviously, whoever has the seed is a major player in the film, and they may even be a recurring character.

It is natural to bet on Kiri for this role, but we never really know what James Cameron is going to do.

One fact is that, whether or not she is The Seed Bearer, the character of Sigourney Weaver will clearly play a very important role for the rest of the franchise.

Human Are Back With More Fire

Mining for things other than ores has brought humans back to Pandora in considerably greater numbers than in the first film.

Pandora’s giant new human colony has already appeared in The Way of Water, however, very little of it has been shown so far.

With the script needing to call the “ People of the Ashes ” into the conflict, it’s natural to imagine that humans have some role in this, which may lead to the introduction of more characters like the second film’s whale hunters.

Will Jake Sully be in Avatar 3?

The loss of a child or a sibling is never easy, particularly in the circumstances in which the Sully family finds themselves, having been forced to flee their home.

Distance from home and grief are likely to weigh heavily on the Sullys’ arc in Avatar 3, and  Lo’ak and Kiri should end up gaining a larger plot role as they step up to become the eldest children.

It is true that The Way of the Water ended with the suggestion that Jake must return to the forest and confront the humans, and this clash has a great chance of being situated in the first act of the film so that the “ People of Ashes ” can be introduced. and pulled into the conflict to follow.

Development of Sully Family Saga

However, with Neteyam ‘s body entombed at Metkayina (seat of the water people), it’s hard to imagine the Sullys leaving the water tribe’s holdings all at once.

Roughly ten years have gone by since Pandora’s tense moments, which were brought on by unrestrained and inhuman exploration. With his new Na’vi body, Sam Worthington’s Jake Sully’s (Jack Reacher) legacy will continue.

They forge alliances to maintain peace in the planet’s beautiful universe with Neytiri’s (Zoe Saldana) new family. When the RDA corporation comes back to finish what it started, everything changes drastically. Now is the time to organize an army to counteract the new danger posed by humanity.

The Main Cast Of Avatar 3 Includes:

  • Sam Worthington  (On the Edge of the Abyss)
  • Zoe Saldaña  (Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • Sigourney Weaver  (Aliens: Rescue)
  • Cliff Curtis  (Heroes)
  • Kate Winslet  (Mare of Easttown)
  • Stephen Lang  (The Man in the Darkness)
  • David Thewlis  (Wonder Woman)

What will Avatar 3 be about?

Avatar: The Way of Water is the long-awaited sequel to Avatar (2009), the highest-grossing film of all time. Director James Cameron returns to helm the project, which will be the first of four sequels in development.

Despite living a peaceful life with their family after the events of the original feature, Jake Sully and Neytiri must leave home to explore other regions of Pandora, going to sea and making pacts with other Na’vi.

However, the situation becomes complicated when the threat of humans returns and war breaks out once again. Jake and Neytiri must forge new alliances as they struggle to stay together and take care of not only their family but the entire tribe.

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