Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Plot

Will you be able to keep a secret? Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin has pretty much taken over our lives. This slasher-loving and reference-filled spin-off of the iconic series looks to be having a little better luck after a number of spin-offs didn’t get off the ground.

But has it been sufficient to continue after its debut? There was undoubtedly room for more, especially considering how it connects not only to the original but also to the rest of the Archie universe.

Yes, there is a connection between Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. So what’s going on over there? Here is all the information you require regarding the future of the spin-off.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 2 Release Date

In September 2022, HBO Max announced that they would be airing the second season of the thrill kills. We can’t believe it ourselves!!! The second season of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin has been confirmed.

Prepare yourself for MORE slashing, MORE lying, and MORE secrets!!! the author Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa subsequently penned on Instagram.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our show a reality despite the odds, but especially to our five courageous final girls and the rest of our incredible cast.

Looks like there will be a sequel, as Tabby would say. Lindsay Bring, one of the show’s creators, replied to the message: “All right, Roberto!!! It’s time to review our best horror film sequels!!! I would rather not do this with ANYONE. Thankful for our collaboration and for you!

Then there is the PLLS, which we also have. I hope this anarchy never stops! A premiere date for the season has not been set, and production on season two does not yet appear to be underway.

With a large connected universe to expand into and a devoted following, there are plenty of reasons to continue the party after the series finished in a sort of finite way with very few knots left untied.

Or, as the case may be, murders. If and when we learn anything else, we’ll let you know!

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 2 Cast

On the one hand, they can go back to Millwood and meet up with our new liars, with something fresh coming their way.

This cast of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 2 will depend significantly on the direction the writing team chooses to take the program.

If so, anticipate the return of the following celebrities:

  • Abel Madison (Imogen)
  • Zaria (Faran Bryant)
  • Channing Kinney (Tabby) Pyles,
  • Malia (Mouse) Reficco,
  • Maia (Noa) Bechtel,
  • Mallory (Kelly)

However, in this iteration of the program, the futures of the main characters have been determined by the actions of their moms, who engaged in horrible bullying when they were little, to the point that one daughter committed suicide as a result.

In all honesty, we don’t think they’re all that wonderful either these days, but when more secrets come out, they’ll be crucial.

These adults lying include:

  • Sharon Leal (Sidney)
  • Eleanor Goode (Marjorie)
  • Lea Salonga (Elodie)
  • Young Zakiya (Corey)
  • Ferrin Jennifer (Martha)

Given that the plot is so tightly wound, the program might also choose to emulate American Horror Story; however, we highly doubt it will happen, so prepare for a completely new cast.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 2 Plot

The majority of the season one storylines were neatly wrapped up and prepared for the Liars to move on with their lives, as we just mentioned, leaving very little room for interpretation. However, given that this is Millwood, who can predict what will happen next?

The mute killer Archie (not to be confused with Riverdale’s Archie) escaped from the hospital and is currently at large, but without his father Principal Clanton to guide him and pull the strings, Archie is on the lam.

Since he “had a face only a mother could adore,” this Archie was compelled to shy away from people at an early age.

Where did all the parents go in this town?

He did, however, have a big protective streak over sister Angela, who in an extra bitter twist was expelled from her friendship group (the mothers) as a result of being raped by the now-Sheriff Beasley when she was a teenager because they didn’t want to believe Beasley, who was dating Madison’s mum at the time, was a rapist.

In the waning moments of season one, it appears that Archie made the decision to use his killer instinct to hunt down the town’s rapist men.

After stabbing Sheriff Beasley to death in his hospital bed, Archie then made a beeline for Chip’s house, who had been released on bail for the holiday season while awaiting trial for the rape of Madison and Tabby.

Given that he is no longer ruled by his ruthless and vindictive father, might Archie genuinely take on the role of a vigilante and protect the girls?

Kelly will have to learn to live without her abusive father, the Sheriff, now that he’s gone, whereas season one was all about the mothers.

Season two might have a lot more focus on the fathers of the girls because they’re far from innocent themselves. Mallory Bechtel, who plays Kelly, shared her hopes for the future of the show in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy following the season one finale.

“I don’t know if it would happen, but what I hope for Kelly is that she keeps with this group of friends and stays on the right road and that she depends on them to deal with you know, this new tragedy which is her dad dying,” she said.

I hope Kelly finds some form of passion, maybe translating her love for dance into musical theatre. I feel like Kelly will get into whatever the spring musical would be – she could sign up for that.

She and he have a very complicated relationship, and I just think that she hangs out with the girls. I also think that spending time with Noa and Mouse, the liars I’ve interacted with the least, would be a lot of fun. I would like to know more about those relationships.

Faran’s father will undoubtedly have sentiments after learning that Corey subjected her daughter to unnecessary surgery, while the rest of the Liars have absentee or at best absent fathers.

In the meantime, Mouse is probably going to be on a quest to locate her biological father. But if they choose the anthology road, all of this might be ignored, and who knows where they could end up?

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