R-Rated Movies and Shows Are Coming to Disney+

After the success of some more let’s just say adult content being added to Disney plus such as the Netflix series from Marvel and other age-gated content.

Disney has revealed that they are very much open to and will in fact be adding more R-rated films and TV series to the service.

It is really not surprising that Disney and this involves Marvel and Star Wars obviously would be looking at all the opportunities when it comes to storytelling but also making Disney plus a One-Stop shop for everything they have. Again some areas internationally you can already watch countless R-rated content

There again, the United States is different but when it comes to other services around the world there are different laws and things so it’s not surprising that we’re now hearing that due to the success of more adult content on Disney plus that their considering adding more in the future and that they will be adding more.

Now it just makes sense Deadpool 3 eventually is going to need a streaming home is Disney not going to put it on Disney plus just because it’s going to upset a couple of parents of course, not they’re gonna put it on there.

We already know that they’re discussing making more adult-themed Star Wars and Marvel content this has been something that they’ve teased as far back as a couple of years ago.

because again there is an outlet there are specific stories that have to be told those ways and the specific characters that need a higher rating Deadpool being one of them.

who knows what else if they ever bring back the Punisher they’re gonna need something that’s more than PG-13 so this, of course, will allow them and set the tone appropriately for Content coming down the road.

And in my opinion, I don’t think they need to just let everybody run wild where they’re going oh you want to make Captain and the Winter Soldier season two or whatever right you want to make that R-rated go right ahead like that’s that’s stupid right like you don’t need it in specific projects like.

There’s no reason that there should be something like a She-Hulk season 2 with an R rating unless the creators really want it and need it and then it’s allowed but I think this just allows them to flex you know their muscles a little bit more and if a story really needs it then they can do it.

My hope is that they assess every single project from the ground up and talk to the creators and then get a specific project that matches the rating we don’t need it to be R-rated just for the sake of being R-rated I mean I know some people are dead set on if it’s R-rated it’s good what no Deadpool 2 was all rated it wasn’t that good thank you

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