Top 10 Best Monsters In All Comics World

What’s up my comic comrades who don’t like Monsters, especially around Halloween they’re big scary mysterious, and have been a massive part of Pop Culture seemingly forever.

Comics have pumped out some of the best monsters in recent years of fiction which is why today we’re taking on the difficult task of counting down the 10 best monsters in all of comics so without further Ado let’s jump into number 10.

10. Trench

Aquaman’s monstrous group of villains the trench from DC Comics first appeared in issue one of Aquaman’s New 52 title and are probably the least iconic monster villain on this list hence it being all the way at the bottom.

Source: DC

but of course, they had to be here because of how utterly terrifying they are if you read the new 52 Aquaman Comics or have seen the Aquaman movie you know these things are utterly terrifying and they attack like a swarm of bees.

What makes them even scarier is that they were once normal Atlanteans before Atlantis sank and was splintered into several parts.

Part of the Atlantean population would become the trench living beneath the ocean floor only coming out for one thing food they look completely and utterly disturbing and will eat anything to satisfy their hunger.

9. Fin Fang Foom

Next in line is Fin Fang Foom first appearing in Strange Tales issue 89 in 1961. mostly known as an Iron Man villain he’s essentially a Kaiju he’s a giant alien and one of the most recognizable monsters in comic books.

Source: Looper

Being the massive Alien dragon monster that he is he’s got that massive powerful presence like the classic giant monsters of fiction such as Godzilla King Kong Rodin and so on.

As far as some of these giant Dragons monster’s abilities go of course he has Incredible strength but his more unique abilities include being able to produce and shoot an acid-like green mist from his mouth use telepathy to a small degree mostly for communicating shape-shifting abilities and to top it all off this massive Alien dragon monster possesses martial arts skills so essentially a flying Godzilla with acid breath and karate yeah terrifying.

8. Tales from the Crypt

Next up we have the Tales from the Crypt keeper this dude terrified the hell out of me as a kid both in the old-school comic books and especially the HBO TV series.

Source: bloody-disgusting

I would catch glimpses of it while my father was watching of course looking back on the show it’s kind of funny as it’s clearly a comedic horror but as a kid, you’re just thinking I don’t like the way that puppet is laughing, and moving it’s not cool also what’s wrong with its skin.

Anyway, he started off with the comics way back in the 50s and has been a horror icon ever since there’s no way we could have made a top 10 monsters in the comics list and not have the Crypt Keeper somewhere.

He’s such an icon for horror comics in general a mischievous Storyteller who tells stories of Misfortune and horror and always gets pleasure out of other people’s Misfortune just talking about it makes me want to go back and read the old Tales from the Crypt comic and watch the 90s live-action and animated series.

7. Man-Bat

Coming in at lucky number seven we have man bat you knew one of Batman‘s monster villains was going to be on this list somewhere and Man-bat it’s well deserved Man-Bat first appeared in Detective Comics issue 400 in June of 1970.

The man who would become Ambat was Dr. Kurt langstrump who had a fatal disease and came up with an experimental cure that merged the DNA of bats and humans.

Source: comicsbeat

Surely nothing could go wrong so we tested it on himself but let’s just say his cure backfired and instead of curing his disease it turned him into a giant man-bat a monstrous humanoid bat.

Most people are probably familiar with Man-Bat because of Batman the Animated Series specifically its pilot episode on leather Wings which gives us the origin of Man-Bat.

It’s such a fitting villain for Batman as it’s literally just Batman’s name and Persona flipped on itself.

Point as Man-bat is extraordinarily terrifying being a massive humanoid bat who possesses enhanced strength agility speed and reflexes and has the power of echolocation like a normal bat as well as having razor-sharp claws and teeth it would be one of the scariest things you’d ever see.

6. Morbius

And for number six it’s Morbin time that’s right our number six is Morbius the living vampire for those not familiar with Dr. Michael Morbius and his origin we did a history of the episode on him.

Biochemist Dr. Michael Morbius was dying from a blood disease and in trying to find a cure for himself he instead turned himself into Morbius the living vampire.

Source: wegotthiscovered

I feel like on a top Monster’s list whether you’re talking about Comics movies or TV you just have to have a vampire on there somewhere right well Morbius is ours,

He’s one of the most terrifying vampires I’ve ever seen and say what you will about the Morbius movie he looks freaking scary bro if you saw that at night heck even in broad daylight you would crap yourself

In the comics at least the villain is very compelling you even feel bad for the dude sometimes but at the same time, you’re also completely terrified of them.

5. Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy was born on a Monday Kristen on a Tuesday married on a Wednesday took ill on a Thursday got worse on a Friday died on a Saturday buried on a Sunday this is the end of Solomon Grundy our number five Grundy made his first appearance in All-Star comics issue 66 in October of 1944.

Source: comicnewbies

So the dude’s been around for a very long time what makes him so terrifying and such a good monster is that he’s a reanimated corpse stemming from a cursed place next to Gotham City called Slaughter swamp that’s just downright awesome.

Solomon Grundy has been portrayed in many different ways over the years at one point in time he even had strengths stronger than Superman which is all kinds of nuts.

He’s just a classic monster villain that’s been written as anything from Campion Super Friends to Super serious and conflicts like Batman the long Halloween.

He’s an all-around awesome monster villain taken from the old school poem and has a resemblance and callbacks to the ever so popular Frankenstein’s monster Solomon Grundy is easily one of the most dope monsters in all of comics.

4. Man-Thing

Next up on our list, we have Marvel’s Man-Thing people think he’s a swamping rip-off but the funny thing is Man-Thing came out before Swamp-Thing not by much literally only two months prior with man thing debuting in May of 1971, and swamping debuting in July of 1971.

Source: nerdist

It’s like they say it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile all wins a win anyway a lot of people don’t realize how powerful Man-Thing actually is they just think of him as a swamp thing rip-off.

But he’s a swamp creature that’s the guardian of the Nexus of all realities as in a multi-dimensional portal that can travel to any and all realities and it exists in the Florida Everglades because why not.

The man who would become Man-Thing was Ted Salas who worked on a project called project sulfur he created a serum that would make people immune to all toxic biochemicals but of course, it also turned them into monsters.

Funny enough that same serum helped make the super soldier serum that created Captain America long story short Ted injected himself with it then crashed into the swamp and became Man-Thing guardian of the Nexus of all realities this is an incredibly underrated comic book monster that I feel is kind of a Monster icon for anyone who loves com

We finally got to see his MCU live-action debut in the werewolf By Night Special he’s been around since the 70s and just like a classic monster even his name is like watch out here comes Man-Thing.

3. Killer Croc

Another Batman villain makes the list shocker I know as Killer Croc comes in at number three one of the coolest things about Killer Croc is that he was essentially born a monster he’s not a dude who did some experiments on himself that turned into a monster he was born with a genetic mutation giving him reptile skin teeth and sharp claws.

Source: cbr

And because Society generally speaking tends to not like anything different Croc ended up becoming a circus wrestler over time he would rise in the Underworld of Gotham as one of the most notorious villains the society has ever known and became one of Batman’s most physically imposing villains.

I mean the dude is literally a humanoid crocodile and depending on what version of Killer Croc you’re talking about he could be all kinds of scary unfortunately when you say Killer Croc now a lot of people just refer back to the first Suicide Squad movie.

Don’t get me wrong the Practical makeup for him was fantastic but besides that, no other versions of Killer Croc are great, however, especially his iconic version from Batman the Animated Series that my friends are what I like to call Perfection.

2. Etrigan

Gone Gone the form of man rise the demon Etrigan that’s right runner up on our list is Etrigan the demon first appearing in the demon issue 1 in September of 1972.

He’s just an all-around awesome anti-hero for those of you who don’t know the demon Etrigan’s soul was fused with the body of the human man named Jason blood.

I love everything about this character he’s essentially an anti-hero demon from the Medieval Era and embodies a lot of my personal favorite things in fiction.

Source: cbr

When the demon wishes he can call upon the Demon’s terrifying power kind of a way cooler version of Hellboy doesn’t get me wrong I love Hellboy as much as the next guy but for me personally he doesn’t hold a candle to Etrigan the demon.

We’ve seen him in the Justice League slash Justice League Unlimited Animated Series in the new Batman adventures and in the justice league dark animated movie all of which he is amazing for me there’s not much cooler than a demon fighting the forces of evil essentially rejecting his own.

1. Swamp Thing

Now for our number one spot, we have none other than the Avatar of the Green Swamp Thing first making his appearance in House of Secrets issue 92 in July of 1971.

Source: bloody-disgusting

I think most people would agree that Swamp Thing is the king of monsters in comic books he is just all-around awesome nostalgic heroic and terrifying at the same time.

Fur brief origin botanist Alec Holland became the Avatar of the Green known as Swamp Thing after he died a horrific death in the swamp yeah very familiar to man thing especially since man thing did it first but sometimes things are improved upon and this is one of those times

The Avatar of the Green Swamp Thing has the ability to control any form of plant life and with the Earth being roughly 80 plant life he’s essentially the god of Earth.

So it’s a good thing swamping is on our side because if he wasn’t it’d be pretty bad dude is beating Superman on more than one occasion that’s how powerful he is as far as horror goes since we’re talking about monsters let’s talk about one of his horrific abilities.

Swamp Thing has the ability to manipulate the Flora inside of a human’s gut to turn someone into a tree from the inside out that is some scary body horror stuff

I don’t think I need to elaborate much more on Swamp Thing he’s all around one of the most iconic comic book monsters ever and we’ve got a history of swamping episodes right here if you want to learn more it really just comes down to Personal Taste and opinion so definitely let us know what your top 10 monsters and Comics list would be down in the comments.

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