Upcoming DC Studios Films Releases In 2023

Today we’re going to be talking about 2023 DC Studios plans we have now an official hard set confirmation for the projects that we’ll be releasing in 2023.

And although there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty surrounding the future of DC Studios we have a lot of conversations that need to take place for those of you who have any interest at all in a successful DC Universe.

Now I know primarily in the space of comic book movies the majority of the fans definitely lean toward the MCU.

In fact, I’ve been a YouTuber talking about movies and a Critic going to different events for five years now, and during that time the videos I make about Marvel obviously do way better than the videos I do about DC.

But I do honestly believe that DC as a franchise as a group as a collection of characters has a large number of fans but it’s hard for those fans to collect and get behind the projects that we’ve been getting.

Now we do have some awesome individual projects and some characters that have been represented very very well but as a whole DC and the DC Universe the DC EU it’s been a little bit of a rocky road especially if you were to compare it to the MCU.

DC Studios Phase One 2023 Films

So we’re going to be talking about all this but as well as the projects that are coming out for the future of DC Studios and what direction it seems like we might be headed in.

It seems like any time we talk about DC it is heavily laden with question marks always trying to figure out what exactly it is that we should be expecting projects getting moved last minute constantly characters and actors getting switched and swapped around always wondering what exactly it is we will be getting.

And Warner Bros discovery recently said as they canceled a lot of movies set to release this year that they didn’t have enough money to market for more movies to come out.

What does that mean for 2023 and what movies are going to be released well for starters we know that four big projects will be coming out and here’s a quote that we have directly talked about the excitement that we should have.

This comes from CEO David zazlev who confirmed that four DC movies will 100 be released during 2023 saying we are very excited about our robust film slate next year.

Shazam Fury of the Gods

We are back in business with a lineup of features that is truly supportive of a distinct theatrical window the Slate includes the flash Shazam Fury of the Gods Aquaman and the lost kingdom and Blue Beetle.

DC’s first-year Blue Hero mover stars a Latino character directed by Angel Manuel Soto.

So it sounds like 100 we should be expecting four big releases starting with Shazam Fury of the Gods which is a sequel to the Shazam storyline and supposedly somewhere in this new order.

The new hierarchy of the DC Universe will eventually catch up with Black Adam played by The Rock and recently reintroduced to the MCU Superman played by Henry Cavill.

Now it was very clear that something fans needed in order to be satisfied with the DC Universe was a Superman and Henry Cavill had since backed out had left DC there were disagreements there were a lot of problems that went into that but he is back.

In fact today he was talking about how he plans on playing Superman in the DC Universe for DC Studios for a very very long time we’re expecting to get the next Man of Steel movie and so on and so forth

With that, we should expect to see a collaboration between the Rock and his character Black Adam and Superman played by Henry Cavill and Zachary Levi who plays Shazam will be thrown into that.

But before we get there we need to talk about the second film which will be releasing March 17, 2023, as it is currently set and hopefully they’ll be able to meet that release date.

They are rebooting and revamping the DC Universe they’ve retitled at DC Studios they’ve gotten two co-presidents, James Gunn, one of them who has been involved with some successful DC projects.

So we’re trying to figure out what the new plan is for DC although they haven’t been we’ll say transparent or even really informative about the direction that they’re heading.

What happened with the past and the Justice League movies are we continuing on with that as Canon are we starting over from Black Adam and just kind of calling it what it is hopefully we’ll get some answers to that because that transparency is what will really allow the DC Universe to be pushed to that next level of understanding.

When you’re kind of shrouded in mystery and you don’t know what you’re getting from where and what matters and what doesn’t and what’s old and what’s new it definitely caused that doubt and that uncertainty.

Regardless Shazam the second one seems like it’s going to be a very fun movie much like its first and hopefully, a very strong introduction to the MCU with a lot of cool leading teases and post-credits scenes whatever it be.

That hints to us that maybe the Black Adam and Superman Shazam Trifecta won’t be too far into the future.


Next up we have the flash which is a movie that I wouldn’t say isn’t in shambles but has a lot of controversy around it given the current status of the main character Ezra Miller.

Who’s had a lot of troubles off camera it seems like Warner Brothers Discovery is hoping that we can all just forget about that and are moving forward with the film as it has had extremely positive testing.

This movie is important because it opens up the Multiverse which will allow DCEU to can only become the DC Universe which is extremely important it seems like for the future plans of DC Studios

This one is set to release June 23 2023 and although there’s been a lot of talks about them possibly scrapping the project or recasting Ezra Miller in the movie.

I don’t think that’s going to be the case and it even seems like Warner Brothers are kind of hoping that they can just keep Ezra Miller on as long as he’s willing to play the role or as long as his role is relevant he’s publicly apologized and they’re trying to clean that up so we’ll see what happens there.

Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle one I know a lot of fans are excited for the first Latino DC Superhero coming to the big screen very very excited this was an HBO Max debut but has been moved to a theatrical release.

Blue Beetle looks to bring the first franchise-ever Latino leading man to the big screen with an almost all-Latin cast sharing the spotlight so very excited about this we have seen some shots and some background screenings of this movie.

And it seems like it’s going to be a good introduction to this new part of the DC Universe I’m curious to see how it will fit into what we already have in the future.

Blue Beetle’s debut is in theaters remember now it’s in theaters first August 18th, 2023.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

And then the last theatrical release for DC in 2023 is Aquaman and the lost kingdom.

This one should have a lot of excitement considering that the first one was one of the most successful releases for DC in several years.

It also seems like everybody loves Jason Momoa as Aquaman everybody loves Jason Momoa just asked Jason Momoa about his involvement it’s a staple character in DC.

Somebody who’s been pretty firm and hasn’t been wavering been fired and unfired and left and returned has just always been a strong staple of DC.

So I feel like there should be some type of appreciation for him for having that important character and playing him so well with that being said.

I’m very excited about that movie as well probably of the four it would have to be either Shazam 2 or Aquaman 2.


We’re gonna have to wait and see him 2023 is gonna be a big year for DC and hopefully, they can start turning around this negative streak and really change fans’ Minds for those of you who are still here.

Where is your interest obviously people love the MCU and it is highly discussed and highly loved by Bloggers, and YouTubers fans by everybody across the world.

But do you have hope for DC let me know your thoughts in the comment section?

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